Please Pray for blood infection to GO AWAY

  • My son David 20 years old, has been battling a severe brain injury since April 7, 2008, and also developed an underlying staph infection....David is uable to speak, but do see and hear very clearly...but unable to respond to you in any way....he does move his body when he feels but not on command consistently....YESTERDAY morning my son was taken to the area health center for redness around his feeding tube, in which they saw it was very infected and he was bleeding inside around the site area....he was then transferred to a hospital where he was diagnosed and admitted due to it infecting his blood...I ask that everyone please pray for healing and restoration of my son David....Thank you, be blessed.


  • This pic was taken in April 2011....will upload a another after visiting him.

    Be blessed...


  • Hello everyone...

    I mention that I would upload a pic of my son David after visiting him...this pic was taken today (9-4-11) by a friend.....please send prayer & reiki healing to him...thank you,be blessed.


  • Healing prayers have been sent as well as light, love, strength and hugs to you.

  • abetterplace....

    Thank you very much....Im sure David received all the light of goodness, because he has recovered from the the infection and continuing to heal from the major ailment of brain inury....and I especially thank you for the hug...because i definitely need one these days.....thank you again and continue to be blessed...


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