Captain need some advice please

  • ! have reconnected with someone from my past, After 17 years. I had to break up cause I got sick I don't know how he feels about me and if I should wait for him. My feelings for him never went away. I don't know what he wants

    My date is Aug14 61 his is Feb 24 59


  • Spunky, this is not easy for marriage or the longterm. The relationship is all about communication and versatility, encouraging the two of you to be more open and to branch out in your interests. Its energies will have to be controlled and directed, however, for they can easily get out of control. And although researching new areas is characteristic of the relationship, you two must be careful not to waver in your attention to the job at hand or to spread yourselves too thin. Self-defeating in certain respects, your relationship needs to keep its feet on the ground and its eye on the prize.

    A love affair here may suffer through an overly open outlook, with commitment seldom considered, let alone discussed. You two often don't oppose each other's attractions to other people, and even encourage them, a trait that may undermine the relationship. And when you two really need to spend a good deal of time together, slowly building your intimacy, you tend to be busily flying off in all sorts of other directions, getting sidetracked from emotional and love issues. You two should not attempt marriage unless these tendencies can be kept under control and commitment can be worked solidly into the equation.

    Your partner is a very sensitive type and he may find it hard to weather your typical Leonine aggression, leadership, and drive for very long. If you dominate him too much, despite the fact he may be looking for a lover who will be a good and loving 'parent' to him, he may become extremely discontented and eventually rebel. He is unlikely to ever understand you well or be able to provide the right sort of support when you need it.

  • Thank- you very much

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