Why is my gemini ex showing bitterness?

  • Me and my ex partner have got alot of history, we got back together 4 months ago after a 14 month split.

    Some strange things have been occuring since we split recently. Me and my ex have had no direct contact at all. The last thing he said to me was to get on with my life as he is getting on with his - thats a fair point and i accepted that.

    Since i have been involved with other guys not intermatly but enough for him to know from his pal i work with that im moving on.

    Last weekend when he was away to a country fair i had his name look in on my page on a forum site - Was this his though? the same night i had his gf's cousin try add me on facebook then 3 days after that her eldest daughter adds me aswell - i declined both.

    Last night i got a text out the blue seemingly texting another girl and it looks like my ex number - im non the wiser as i dont have his number anymore. So i text back asking who it was? - No text back then i text again asking if it was my gemini ex - reply straight back saying "no i text wrong number dont text this number again"...since then i have had no text from that number again. But they must know me to have my number.

    I still havnt found out if it was my exs number and was it actually him using his phone at the time. But i told that person behind that number that i knew it was my ex due to the silence i was getting.

    Can anyone shed any light on why all these things could be happening

    Thanks muchly and hope you can help in some way

  • Hi arieslady,

    The relationship between you and your ex is a constant striving to find validation. Fighting to be recognized.

    You need to leave it behind you, because it isn't helping you to grow. It doesnt make any difference whether it was him or someone else. Let it go.

    You were right to keep the family members out of it. It is time for you to regain your own space and begin thinking about what you want in a relationship...and what you don't want.

    You must start from a clearing space....free of the angst and anxiety of past relationships.

    Imagine yourself in a beautiful meadow...wide open and streching into the horizon. There beautiful signs of nature everywhere and you hear morning birds singing in a new day at dawn.

    Better yet, stop somewhere and watch a beautiful new day begin. Catch a sunrise.

    In that perfect moment, realize that you have everything you need to be alive, to experience life.

    You have a loving heart inside of you that shares love, and joy, and peace.

    Start from there dear arieslady....and think about what you want to fill your life with.

    May your angels guide you, and your eyes open to the beautiful person inside of yourself.

  • Thankyou very much patch love. its all behind me now. My ex has alot of problems he needs to deal with. He is having a little boy to a lady who he doesnt even like let alone love.

    i just want to find happiness again, im fed up of starting another new day feeling alone. I have barriers up when meeting new people and i just fight with them all the time.

    Times are hard and hope the saying is true - good always comes out of bad.

    Just lots of pressure at the moment.

  • Hi arieslady,

    So glad you have a clear picture of your ex...so glad you aren't involved in any of it.

    Can you tell me what your interests are please? Is it financial pressure...health?

    What is your burden right now?

    May inner love and love of God and his angels begin to lift your spirit. You are not alone, I promise you.

  • Hello there patchlove,

    Well my interests are being outdoors. Horse riding, sea fishing being with my pets and walking my dog.

    I know its a sad situation my ex has got himself into. I saw him the other day with one of her (the lady he has an unborn child with) girls. He saw me and just got up straight away and walked the opposite direction, Im just hurt he cant even be in the same area as me. Why did he walk away....was he hurting when he saw me?

    We are still an open book. I just wish i could help him correct his mistakes and help him make the best out of a bad situation. Mutal friends of ours have all said the same thing that he was soo happy and delighted that we had rekindled once more. If so why walk away so easily....Gemini men are such sensitive people that they cant deal with their emotions in any other way than walking away and dealing with them.

    I hope you are well patchlove

  • Hi arieslady,

    I am fine, thank you; enjoying a new grandson, my second grandbaby.

    It seems he knows where he's made his mistakes, but he has obligated himself to care for his unborn child and pursue a course in family living, which is facing the consequences of where he has been....and going where he needs to be. Seeing you is a reminder of a carefree time that he let pass, a part of his life that no longer applies.

    He will always care about you...but it is time to let him go...really let him go, because he cant be friends right now.

    Later on down the road there may be opportunity to look back and reflect...but not now.

    Start pursuing the interests you've listed..look for a local group that enjoys sea fishing or horseback riding, or start one. You can even take up a new interest like wall climbing...something that will demand effort and be challenging and fun. It will take the focus off the unsettled feelings you have and begin to open the door to the pathway that leads to finding someone who loves doing what you do.

    I wish you the best arieslady, and hope tomorrow brings forth new light and joy.

  • Thankyou patchlove and im happy for you and your grandson. Congratualtions. I have a nephew who will be shortly arriving. Cant wait!

    Well im still in the process of sorting things out with new accomodation.

    Its stressful and frustrating. Im trying to focus on this instead of my feelings. Time will heal. ive been here once before with mr Gemini. I know he knows he has made a massive mistake. He told me about 4 months ago he just wishes he hadnt got this aquarious lady pregnant as its all been done against his will.

    I just feel that he wants me to make the happy ending walk in and take him out the equation. He needs to find out if the child is his but hey again its out my hands.

    Its very hard to let him go when he came in my life again for a short period and due to the hurt and arguing we had, i pushed him right back out again. I regret this but its bad timing with all the uncertainty going on and more importantly the grief i was getting from his current partner.

    I have a mutal friend with him, a man we used to go and visit occasionally good friend of both of ours, he is also saddened by us splitting a 2nd time.

    This morning the man had a call from mr Gemini regarding a dog...i sold my young dog to the man as i have to down size soon. Anyway my friend told me he had told mr gemini he bought a dog from myself and he said mr gemini sounded sad in his voice...i think it may of hit a nerve.

    Neither of us are settled or happy being apart. It feels im only half alive. Everytime i see him in my mind, a tear rolls down my cheek.

    Maybe i need to go for some hypnotherapy lol

    Enough of my rambling and i apologise for sounding so self centred.

    Hope to hear back from you soon Patchlove

    Big thumbs up for you and your grandson

  • Oh no, aries, you are not rambling. I am so very glad you are thinking this out.

    Heartache makes time go on forever it seems, until we regain our grasp of who we are and what we want.

    mr Gemini has to learn to be truthful with himself before he can enter a relationship with honesty. No man gets a woman pregnant against his will ,dear friend, unless she rapes him. I don't believe this has happened here.

    He is denying his responsibility in the situation.When a man decides to go to bed with a woman he is accepting all risks. He chose to leave you and bed with another woman.

    I think he misses having someone that would believe his lies without question.

    He has so much growing up to do..and it just isnt going to happen until he learns to accept the responsibility of his own actions.

    It is natural to grieve over the loss a relationship in which we invest all of our heart and soul.

    The important thing is for you not to fall back into the same hole with this person.

    It will be hard for a time...but when you have healed and are ready to progress in your own growth you will appreciate what you left behind...an uncertain future with someone who doesnt know what they want or how to value the person they are with.

    You have a wonderful sense of humor 🙂

    Hang in there...rainbows will be waiting around the bend.

  • Well i wouldnt put her past the fact of taking advantage of mr gemini. I know he was irrisponsible at the time - but he was drinking to excess - binging on the weekends - basically only intrested in manipulative aqaurious when he was full of booze. The only manly thing he has in his life is a full time job.

    Its just strange - aqaurious lady gets pregnent when she wants to the most - she has been fighting for a bigger house off the state as she already has 4 young girls and herself and mr gemini in a 2 bedroom flat. Mr gemini then leaves her for me and tells the whole world i am who he wants to be with then she sleeps with a guy while 5 mnth pregnent. I cant work her out but i do know by the way she barged her way in between me and mr gemini in the first instance just 2 yrs ago that she is using mr gemini for her own uses. sick, but it goes on. I hope he shows her whos got the upper hand.

    Do you believe in karma?

    And thankyou, ur a very sweet down to earth lady and i know alot of people on here appreciate ur help

  • You are kind arieslady, thank you.

    I believe We have a way of bringing various emotions into our lives in the way we handle what has been our lesson to learn;

    and when we learn the path to take that brings only joy and thanksgiving

    we are then truly on the path to happiness.

    It is a hard road...a road of experience, but the "pot of gold at the end" is the learning and growing ,

    and finding the truly valuable gifts in our lives that invite love and happiness to come to our doorstep

    It is not easy

    and heartache lines the path until the light shines so brightly on it

    that the diamonds of life sparkle more brightly than the heartache.

    We will have those valleys in life, for when one loves deeply, one suffers the loss of that love deeply as well

    I believe that our actions do have consequences, though I have not studied karma...it almost sounds like a law of nature..for every action there is an equal or greater reaction

    If we choose darkness as our path, I believe that darkness will come

    If we choose in wisdom and with pure motive I believe the light shines down upon us

    The more we trust in that light, the more love grows , and ultimately...it is love that is pure energy, the foundation of all that exists.

    lol..a lengthy answer....:-)

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