Hepl me get him back

  • I was going out with a guy, i really loved and care about him, we had an argument so we don't call each other again. than one day i call him to ask if we still going out but he told me, he is now going out with somebody else. So i also decided to move on. Then i started seeing another guy we went out for three months, then i had a problem with this guy too the problem was i got cheating on me with another girl. so i decided to let him go. My first guy then came back and i told him about the guy i broke up with recently and he was angry. I told him i still love him, but he said he cant go out with me again cos i went out with that guy and he know the guy and said the guy is even his friend. Now am so heart broken and don't know what to do cos i still love him. But now i was told his seeing someone else. Please what should i do please advice me !!!!!!

  • Go to the bookstore and buy a good book and get your mind off these guys for a while.

    (The Hierophant.)

    I did a reading for a lady earlier today down the road and this card came up for her too, and i gave her the same advice... she needed to get a good book to read to help take her mind off her relationship issues.

    What kind of book?

    Queen of Swords - a Murder Mystery!

    I am sure others here will have some advice too...

    I drew the Fool and that also tells me you have someone new coming into your life soon - I don;t know how soon someone new though, not these two guys you dealt with.

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