Question on a reading.

  • Ok, so recently the subject of pregnancy has been on my mind, so I thought I would use my tarot cards to do a bit of digging on the subject.

    The first question I asked was if I was fertile the last time my lover and I had sex. I pulled three cards for this, there was no positional meaning. The cards were Nine of Pentacles, Wheel of Fortune, and Ace of Pentacles. I took this to mean that yes I was definitely fertile the last time we had sex.

    So I decided to ask if he got me pregnant the last time we had sex. It's too early for me to test to know for sure, so I thought I would use tarot. I only pulled two cards this time. The cards were Death, and The Tower. What a mixture right? Those are probably the two cards no one ever wants to see together. So... my thoughts are that new things are always born from endings (Death). If I were to get pregnant right now it would be quite an ending to alot of things in my life right now.. But those endings would make way for completely new beginnings. This would in turn cause quite a shock to my lover and I (The Tower) Many aspects of our life would completely change from what they are now.

    I am thinking that the cards are saying that I got pregnant the last time I had sex with my lover. But I would like some more opinions on what I may not be seeing here.

  • Fertile?

    9 of material + wheel (circle of life = womb) + 1 of material = material is surrounding your womb at that time sounds like a very fertile potential.

    Did he get you pregnant?

    Making love, the ultimate pleasure, is a "little death". The Tower is a very phallic symbol also.

    I would say keep going on that path with him (often), and you will find your womb blessed.

  • Thank you AstraAngel.

    I've heard of both cards refering to orgasm before, so that makes a lot of sense. I've never thought of The Tower as being a phallic symbol, but that makes sense. I know that the Ace of Wands is a phallic symbol. So I learned something new!

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