Please help!

  • This is very important to me as it would change both of our lives considerably. So anyone who may have an idea I would love to hear your input on this.

    I was told recently by many sources that I would conceive a child, but I wasn't given a time frame for this happening. So I am curious when I will get pregnant again. I would also like to know what gender this child will be. I have three boys right now so I would love to have a little girl in the future. Being that this would be a huge deal to my lover and I, I am also curious how this child would effect our relationship together and how it would change our lives. Also of course, I would like to know if this child would be healthy

    I really appreciate anyone who can offer me a little bit of insight on this. I've done some tarot readings on the issue, and those have only served to confuse me further!

    My birthday is April 26, 1978

    His birthday is December 13, 1987

  • Hi Pet,

    I am not a gifted psychic, but I do have have a couple of questions, I'm feeling some confusion as well.

    You have three children, and are involved with a lover- and are wonderring how a pregnancy might affect your relationship.

    What is the relationship now, may I ask?

    It would seem wise to be involved with someone who would be overjoyed with having a child with you, and share the rest of your lives raising a child, with your children, together as a family.

    You will become pregnant when you have decided you want to be.

    If you aren't taking precautions, it could well happen any time.

    Does your lover, at about 24 yrs old have the maturity to accept your children as his in a family setting ?

    The situation feels very unbalanced, and I believe this is why you are having trouble. Picture the future with this person with a child..or without....what longevity in this relationship do you see?

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