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  • Hello,

    I am wondering what is going on around me -- seems like I'm stuck (have been for about 2 years now) and cannot get positive energy to move me out of this financial struggle. Do have a job offer, but cannot begin yet due to company getting through licensing requirements for my state. Although this new job is very positive, times have been and are continuing to be really tough.

    My DOB is 05/03/1957.

    Thank you for your insight.

    Blessings and Light to all,


  • According to your numerology, your last two years were not meant for career concerns but for family, the home, relationships. and for yourself (yourself especially in 2011 when some quiet self-exploration and introspection in solitude can help you understand a lot about your life). 2012 is a BIG career year and this will be your main focus then. Some years are meant to focus on and explore certain areas while others are meant for different concerns.

  • Hi, Can do a general reading for you. Will try and get to it soon.

  • This is an emotional, hard economic time for you. Although times are hard shows you as being optimistic. This optimism that you have is an intact character I feel that will get you thru this tough period. Don't be blinded to practical realities, though. I get this gut feeling that a close person may be leading you away from your right course of action. There are clearly two people involved in this reading. Beware of illusion--this comes out. Trust your intuition. Possible trade school or learning something different. Avoid verbal confrontations. Don't embrace behavior not in-line w/who you truly are. Cool emotions, inner peace to outside world.

    Your true talents come out (come in handy) when least concerned w/getting ahead. Will benefit from patience. Were you bored in past that had something to do w/present situation. You wanted to change yourself in some way maybe. I feel your success will be something you have thought about a lot just never pursued.

    There is hope in this reading. Accept losses and work within framework for a better tomorrow.

    Present--10 of cups

    above--5 of coins



    near past--strength

    future--high priestess

    ace of swords


    environ--9 of coins

    hopes & fears--9 of cups

    outcome--knight of cups

  • Thanks The Captain for your insight as yes, these past couple years being off work has freed time and space in my life to be there for my daughter (who is attending college for her nursing degree; I couldn't be more proud of her for pursuing her true calling and dreams. What a wonderful caring nurse she will be) and my two grandchildren. However, more income would have been very helpful as it has been extremely financially challenging for me. I know I am not alone in this as there are millions of really qualified, talented people out there who are unable to obtain employment and/or start a business. Sorry, don't mean to sound negative, as I do believe there are learning experiences in each situation. Just hope I can identify and learn my lesson(s) so I can quickly move to better, more peaceful times financially. 🙂

    Thank you again,

    Blessings and light,


  • Daliolite,

    Thank you so much for your reading and insight. I've read it a couple times and have some questions. I hope you don't mind clarifying for me. 🙂

    Where you mention a close person who may be leading me away from my right course of action and that the reading involves two persons; are you able to clarify who this person is? There are a couple people who come to mind who bring a lot of drama and sometimes negative energy around me. I find I am extremely sensitive to energy and can be really pulled down by negativity. Is this person a friend or family member or perhaps someone in a professional arena (such as someone involved with my new employer)?

    You also mentioned following a career path that I have been considering, but never really pursued. Could you perhaps offer some enlightenment here as well? There are a number of things I'd like to do, and I am somewhat involved in one area that interests me a great deal, but has not been financially rewarding. Very enjoyable, however. 🙂 It is just that over these past couple years without employment, (although I've enjoyed my being with grandchildren during this time) I have been so focused on trying to maintain my home and the basic essentials, that I have not really been able to tap into that "creative" mode and find the "thing" that I would most like to pursue.

    Thank you again and I look forward to your comments.

    Blessings and light,


  • From your astrological profile, Taurus57, I can see that your Achilles Heel may be the desire for comfort and possessions, which can lead you into a neverending search for accumulation - "When I finally have enough money and possessions, I will feel good about myself and can relate to others". This sort of thinking can lead to stagnation on all levels - material, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. You may never have enough 'stuff' to feel comfortable in making the changes that will add vitality to your life. You don't just want money, either - you want to be perceived as a person of means and may be dangerously attached to your social identity or position. You must be willing to risk losing your current level of comfort to gain a higher state of power and vitality. The bottom line is that you may never have enough money and personal property to feel you can afford to bond with others and that there is enough to take care of all your needs. At some point you simply have to let go of self-concern and put your full power into partnerships and relationships, finding people who have similar values and resources (money or talent) that they can share with you. By linking with others as a team rather than maintaining a sense of separation (my money/your money, my resources/your resources), the result can be financial gains for all involved. There may be a fear of being controlled or dominated in your relationships that may stop you from forming partnerships.

    So your goal is to be more present, cooperative, and appreciative of all the opportunities that come your way, despite those periodic feelings of malcontent or the inexplicable despondency that cannot be traced back to anything in your current life. There are times when you feel angry, empty, or even dead inside, when you pull away from others. It's just that when demands are made on you or you feel controlled or at the mercy of a random fate, you lose it. You want to be in charge of your life and you're not easy to negotiate with when you think you getting screwed. You're actually a very sought-after, admired and desirable person but when you get in your strange, absent, "I'm-not-really-here" mood, all the money and status in the world means nothing and can't fill the emptiness you feel inside. You may even feel that you don't deserve to be prosperous and happy at such times. All this unhappiness comes from your past and how you may seek to be nothing like your mother when it comes to financial dependence - this can reveal a lot about how you see yourself and in what role, male or female.

    Your life goal is to become fully centred and content with who you are. You have unique communicative skills that will doubtless figure into your success in the world. Highly attracted to the world of imagination and ideas, you will obtain greater maturity and influence as you refine and hone your ability to impart your ideas and concepts. When younger, you may have put people off by coming on too strong or being too blunt, but with time and experience, you will gain a much better sense of how to share your views in such a way that you will not only be readily understood but welcomed by a willing audience, leading them by example. You are likely to rise to the pinnacle of success through entrepreneurial effort or the hierachy of a business or educational organization. Yet you may find it difficult to develop and keep a network of loyal peers and trusted friends as you can be bossy and moody, even egotistical at times because of your fears and issues. You will need to make an effort to avoid any tendency to view relationships with both love partners and children through a lens of Pygmalion-like superiority. ("I made you and I can destroy you, too, if you don't do what I want"). Develop relationships based on equality.

    You have the gifts of highly tuned emotional sensitivity, inner strength, expressiveness, and intuition. Yet perfectionism and being very sensitive to the pain and suffering of others can make you feel disappointed and disheartened at times, and you may even lapse into criticizing and complaining. You have an inherent drive to express yourself, so make sure it is in positive, not negative, ways. The areas in which you can express yourself may be large, as in performance, teaching, or addressing groups of people - or smaller, involving a circle of family and friends. You can express your feelings through art, music or other media, and from helping others to express their feelings too. You can uplift and nourish those around you as a writer, lecturer, counsellor, healer, manager, even a salesperson if you have the passion for that. But you must be involved in some sort of self-expression to feel happy and fulfilled. Plus, you have a superb depth of intuitive intelligence that cuts to the heart of life's core lessons and would excel in any field that involved clear logic and reason. Any lack of money relates in some way to self-doubt. If you use your gifts and expression in the positive, money will follow.

  • Could be person in future. Stick to your intuition. You had some good pairings. Immediate situation is tough. There is hope in this reading.

  • Thanks to both The Captain and Daliolite for your insight. Lots to read and re-read with The Captain's recent reply and some good advice and beautiful strong, sure footed horse photo Daliolite. Love that. 🙂

    Thank you both again so very much,


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