Not If, But When

  • a message from Christina Lunden

    This message from the Angels was originally published on my website in April 2009. The Angels told me this information was to be shared again at this time. I pray it blesses you. ~Christina

    This past month, Spirit has shown me so many things. There are things going to happen on Earth that have the possibility of knocking you out of your balance. Those who can see or hear spiritually may already have caught wind of some of the things that are coming. For our purposes, it's not so important to know the details of what is coming as it is to help you be prepared when they get here. Let me explain.

    We have been sharing for the last few years the easiest path to becoming a spiritual human being. It is a different way to live than just being a human being trying to be spiritual. When you are a spiritual human being, you are saying that you want to be as fully connected to your Soul as you can be every day. You also agree to look at the bigger picture in all situations of your life.

    Looking at the bigger picture sounds easy. Unfortunately, when you are in a crisis situation, it can be easy to forget the bigger picture and just see the death and destruction in front of you. Right now on Earth there are people going through fires, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. Then there are those that are going through car, bus, train and plane crashes, family and friend major health issues, abuse, kidnappings, murder-suicides and sudden deaths to name a few. Whether you are personally experiencing these things or if you are just hearing about them, they can weigh your heart down and knock you out of balance. When you hear about these things, it is important for you to remember who you are; a spiritual human being.

    I really wish I could tell you that these negative situations are going to stop happening as we ascend further into the 5th dimensional energy. The truth is that they are going to increase. The higher the light that is shining on Earth, the harder it is for soul's to not see the truth of who they are. They can't hide from their ego, their darkness. These lower energy souls are aggravated that they can't steal the light from those walking in the higher energy any more. They used to be able to however, since January 1st of this year that is no longer possible. Every soul was asked at that time if their soul wanted to ascend. Those that said, "Yes" went to the higher side of the doorway and those that said, "No" stayed where they were. When the doorway closed at that time, those that were on the 3rd and lower 4th dimensional side of the doorway were cut off from any light that was not their own. Now that they can fully see themselves as they are, they don't like it. They don't like who they are and they want to continue to float through this soul experience here the same as they did for many, many lifetimes. In all the other dimensions we have experienced, it was possible to steal or suck light from a person who was higher but the 5th dimension energy is not conducive to any of the lower energies. Each soul has to shine their own light. Those who didn't make it through in January will be asked at another time if they want to ascend. At that time, more will answer, "Yes." But until then you will see more and more chaos and violence created on Earth as a reaction to them being cut off from the higher light. This is like a spoiled child's reaction to not getting what they want. Unfortunately, these souls have in their power to create chaos and harm on the Earth.

    When you see or hear of these things that happen it is important for you to stay in your power as a spiritual human being and look at the bigger picture. You are not powerless; you are powerful when you fully understand the new role you are walking into as a 5th dimensional being. Here are few things the Angels pointed out to me:

    • Everything that happens to a soul helps the soul evolve.

    • No soul is ever surprised by death.

    • Every soul is in agreement with any situation that happens to them, from accidents to terror attacks.

    • Every soul has free-will to suffer or be happy.

    • We are not to judge another soul's decision.

    • We cannot know while on Earth the full reason why a soul makes a decision.

    • We are not to interfere with another soul's path.

    • We are to have compassion of any decision of a soul.

    • We are to love these souls, even if they seem like they are doing harm to themselves or others.

    In your current spiritual walk, can you do these things? Can you only do half of them? It's important for you to be honest with yourself. This will show you where you are in your soul's development. Are you ready to be that piece of God and be God-like? Can you love and forgive like God? That is what the 5th dimension is; the Christ Consciousness. When you say you want to be 5th dimensional, you are saying, "I want to have the mind of Christ." No one is expecting you to be 100% in the Christ Consciousness right now but we want you to realize what it is you are asking for. It is important for you to be realistic about your spiritual journey.

    There is a lot of woo-woo spirituality in the world today. For instance, are you in or do you know of a spiritual group or sitting under a spiritual teacher who is teaching, it is us against them? If you are for something, does that make you against something? Are you capable of not judging those that do not believe as you do? Just picking one group to show as an example, what about the groups that are spreading the message of going green? If someone came up to one of those people and said, "I don't believe in what you are doing and I am not going to change anything." Would that group respond in love or would they judge that person? Would you? Let's say you teach, heal or sell something. If the person you are talking to or healing doesn't end up doing what you say, do you get frustrated or mad? Do you judge them? Do you try to come up with more reasons that will convince them to do what you say? As a soul, you have to be very careful which groups you are in, what cause you are advancing and who you sit under for teachings. You may see but one life. We see your entire soul. And with the spiritual possibilities at this time, some of you are being fooled with woo-woo spirituality. At this important juncture in our soul's remembrance, are you willing to risk another lifetime because you were mis-directed by people with agendas? Pray about who you sit under for teachings (that means reading their spiritual messages, listening to their teachings, reading their books...all of it) and who you open up to for spiritual guidance. This is not a life where you have the luxury of wasting time. Use discernment, even for those that you have been following their work for years. They may not be going in the same direction you are.

    What we are talking about when we share about the 5th dimension is life-changing, soul-growth. We want you to be truthful at all times, in all situations with yourself and others. Ask yourself these questions. When a murder occurs, whether the person was related to you or not, would you allow that to knock you off of your balance and forget your spiritual path? Would you remember who you are and forgive the murderer and forgive the one who was murdered (because their soul agreed to this) and ask for guidance on how to deal with the situation in the highest, easiest way? It is just as important to forgive a murderer as it is to forgive your loved one for forgetting to bring home the milk again. Now ask yourself the same question but make it about being in a car crash and if you are going to sue the other party. What do you think the highest answer is to that situation? Could you walk the higher road in that situation?

    We are here in an illusion called Earth. It's so easy to forget that this isn't real. It is a grand play that is designed to allow your soul to remember that you are a piece of God. Once you remember, the curtains go down and all the actors come out and everyone goes to the after-party together. No one is angry at anyone else. Just the opposite, everyone is excited that the play is over and they are excited for the growth in each soul that happened because of the play.

    If what we have asked you seems too hard, look at where you think it is hard. Pray about it. As situations come up in your life, ask your soul (Angels) to make you more conscious of your reactions. They will help you see if you are on the easiest road to ascension.

    It is not a matter of if these situations are going to occur. It is a matter of when. You might be saying that you thought that things were going to be like heaven now that the 5th dimensional doorway has opened. You are correct. Your life can be heaven but just because you made that decision doesn't mean those around you are choosing heaven. We didn't leave the planet when we made this choice to bring in the higher energy. We are still here with everyone else. We have to learn how to live with everyone having the choice to be in whatever dimension they choose.

    What you may not realize is that most of you reading this are in the top 5% of all the beings here on Earth who were chosen to be the first to anchor the 5th dimensional energy. That is a very small amount! And not all that were chosen have made it this far. Some have turned away already. Because you are at the top of the 4th dimensional ladder that makes a gap between you and those walking firmly on the Earth. Your soul wanted to help those that are behind you by making their path easier when they decide to walk it. You loved them enough when you made that choice; we are just reminding you to also love them now. None of these chaotic, violent situations need to knock you out of your heaven. You have a choice; to stay in your powerful, loving energy or allow the lower energies to affect you and pull you out of your heaven. The highest choice is to have you affect the world and not vice versa. You will be a bigger blessing to all on Earth, if you handle each situation with the highest love and compassion that you have access to and allow each soul the freedom to choose their own path. It's not a matter of if but when you will be involved in one of these chaotic situations. When the next terrorist attack happens, how are you going to handle your emotions? Are you going to get mad? Are you going to be upset? Or are you going to be peaceful, loving and forgiving? This is the highest and best way to assist those around you. The question we have really been asking you all this time is, "As a spiritual human being are you walking your talk?"

    May you be blessed with knowledge of things eternal,


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  • Thank you, Poetic! That was a nice start to my morning...

  • 🙂

  • thanks 🙂 poetic. x

  • Wow loved that, true words spoken and just what I needed to remember at this time. The knowledge will give us the strength and courage to continue on our spiritual path.

    Many thanks and God bless you for sharing and enlightening us.

  • Amen! 🙂 I need all the help I can get.

  • thank you poetic,

  • Hmmm I remain a bit cynical. Are natural disasters caused by those souls left behind? Why am I forgiving the soul that was murdered for choosing to be murdered? You told me not to interfere in that soul's decision. Not so sure Poetic. Also about the closing door. Not very angelic, shutting people out.


  • I don't know either Paddi they say there were given a choice to leave or stay, they also say we are never alone and that there are no good or bad decicions, just life experiences, only time will tell whats to evolve, she first printed this in 1999 when everyone thought the world was gonna end in the year two thousand and computers would stop working, however the world is still hear is it probably ever will be. Believe whatever rings as truth in your heart. My heart beats differently when I read something that touches my core.

    I think she is talking about perhaps Energy Vampires who suck the energy from un suspecting souls or drain their energy. Also this part, they are asked again if they are ready.

    Those who didn't make it through in January will be asked at another time if they want to ascend. At that time, more will answer, "Yes." But until then you will see more and more chaos and violence created on Earth as a reaction to them being cut off from the higher light. This is like a spoiled child's reaction to not getting what they want. Unfortunately, these souls have in their power to create chaos and harm on the Earth.

    I wonder if they are the Illumanati?

    Anywho the idea is to observe without getting too caught up in the "Game." Seek answers inside. Love ya!

    P.S. I know for me when I see horrible things happening now, it doesn't affect me the way it used to because I know there is no death only a transfer of energy doesn't mean my heart doesn't ache for those who suffer, it does, I pray which is in my power to do. 🙂

  • Saturday, June 4, 2011 9:49 PDT



    To all my friends who are living for the light ,i have been down many times and have had many fears and doubts and a whole lot of disappointments and even wondered if Truth and Love was even real over the years and yes even Father ,but all i have to do is seek my true Heart ,what i truly love and know . Like the smile of a child the warmth of the sun ,the smell of fresh cut grass, the smile of a friend ,the color of a rose or a flower the sound of the birds singing and the children playing ,know these things feel these in your Heart and know that life is living from your Heart ,its not what we dont know or what might be ,but its the knowing we feel in or Hearts that will bring you threw this time ,know Love as what really matters ,seek the truth of self and see truth in others ,lead by action of Truth and Love ,not words but action and be true to self .

    Remember we all want to enjoy the fresh fruit or vegetables , but to have these things we have to break the ground till the soil get the seeds and plant the seeds and nurture the the new plants with water and the love they need to grow into healthy plants and trees and there is always bugs or other things that will hinder the growth and try to stop the plant or trees from producing the fruit and vegetables we seek to harvest and when we see the fruit and vegetables on the plants and trees it give us a good feeling of self for the labor and Love we have taken to get to this point and we have to remember we didn't come this far to let the fruit shrivel on the tree or to let the vegetables rot on the ground ,they still need our care just as much now as ever ,and with the Truth of knowing and the Love we have to bring them to this point and the harvest will be great .

    One thing i choose to beleave in the depths of my soul is that Father did not bring me this far to drop me now and that no matter how bad things get that Truth and Love will bring me threw this time .With all my Love Tooter

  • Hi Tooter! Miss and Love you pray all is well! 🙂

  • Miss you to and pray all is good with you and all the others Love Ya Tooter

  • Love you too! Love your messages!

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