Astral Angel Reading "Desperate".

  • I appreciate a reading on whats to come in love and my finances. See me and my daughters mother split up a little over a year ago. She really ripped my heart out. I thought she was going to come back for sure but once she started dating she seems to have moved on. This past March she met a guy and quickly moved in with him in June. She is living with him with my daughter . I pray every night that something happens and I'm trying to manifest us back again but wonder if its all even worth it. Wonder if things happened for the better to actually make room for that one thats meant for me. Please shed some light because this is a thorn in my side and it hurts to hold on.

    The split I had with my ex really hurt me financially and I know something is coming as far as prosperity but wonder what you see.

    Fred 05-20-73.. My ex Melissa 05-07-82

    Thank you

  • If AstralAngel is busy I definitely understand. I am not impatient just wanted to put this out there. If anyone can give me a reading on this please feel free.

  • Hi Fred,

    First, my personal advice...

    Losing someone we love is painful and the thought of living our life without that person - facing the future without him or her - can be unbearable. So we cling to the idea of reuniting because we think this is the only way we will be happy again and also because it helps us to avoid the pain (or so we think). We try to figure out what we did wrong - as if we are the problem - and may even try to change ourselves in order to become more desirable to the other person so they will want us again. Of course, this is a waste of time, but we are blinded by our longings, yearnings, and desire for the love we have lost. And then, at some point, we realize that the thing we are striving for, the belief we are clinging to - what we think will make us happy - is the very thing that is causing our misery. We must then find our strength and walk away from a situation that we now know has no more life in it. I know it is difficult, but it is time for you to breathe new life into yourself. Gather your courage and reclaim your power. Let her go. Surrender.

    That being said, do not allow her to keep your daughter from you. Fight for your rights. Do not allow this woman to control or manipulate the situation. Take it to court if you must. Every daughter needs to know that her father loves her. Shower her with love, guidance and protection. Let her know that you are and will always be there for her.

    And now for the reading...

    This is not an easy time for you and I want you to know that your Guardian Angels are with you. They want to tell you that this relationship has indeed run its course and is now harming your spirit. They say that despite what you may think or feel, the worst is indeed over and that things will become easier once you let go, let God and move on. The sooner you do, the sooner the real gifts you seek will appear from the right resources. Please do not allow your mind to isolate you in fear or get stuck dwelling on misery. At this time, the best way for you to proceed is to make your decisions with the assistance and guidance of your Higher Self rather than through the veil of your emotional desire and broken heart. Be still and find that place of awareness that reconnects you with this inner voice. You are faced with a choice and the choice is yours to make alone, but keep in mind that doing what is best is never easy. I am seeing you as a juggler - trying to keep all the balls in the air and overwhelmed and exhausted from it. It is time to let them drop. Stop struggling so hard to cling to an illusion and face the truth. Focus on priorities that feed your spirit rather than deplete it. Stop trying to live up to others' demands and expectations. Stop trying to be all things to all people. You do not need to change yourself in order to be worthy of love.

    Sending you the strength of Archangel Michael, the healing energies of Archangel Raphael and the support of Archangel Gabriel who brings us hope and strength during times of despair...


  • Thank You Watergirl,

    I actually cried after reading this. Despite all that been done bad to me by my daughters mother I still loved her. I still believed she would change. I was blindsided when she left because I did everything for her. I was a good man to her and still am a great father (will always be) to our daughter. Even though she moved in with a man within a coupleof months I still wanted to try and bring her back to me...

    Lately its been a struggle for piece in my life. I choose myself now because its tiring emotionally keeping the faith.

  • Hey redzalez, sorry i did not get to this quickly... you appear to be in good hands with watergirl, (thank you watergirl 🙂 Your tears are a sign you are on the right path and being healed of issues, good for you. WIshing you peace and comfort from above.

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