Why did my brother die??

  • my brother died on 19th apr 2011.. he was just 28 yrs then.. the worse part is he was married and his wife is 27yrs.. and more worse is he had a baby who was just 15 days when he died... he was such a nice human being.. he loved every1... he was so excited about his baby.. he had so many plans... he and his wife were so happy together...they were so much in love and the best couple i have seen in my life till now...ohh why he died.. why did this happen to him.. we couldnt even talk to him for the last time.. it was a road accident...he would have felt so helpless before dying.. how could he leave his wife and bay to face such a horrible life ahead... his wife is going carzy.. she keeps crying all the time.. she keeps saying i want him back.. i cant live without his... why did this happen... etc... she is so sad i cannot see her so sad... can any1 plz say where is he now.. is he at peace...how to heal his wife from this pain... i am feeling helpless and hopeless... does god exsist and if he does why he made this plan for his wife and for him....

    PS: the time when he died (we were anot aware he died) my brothers wife felt him very close to her and saying "I am going".. thinking about these things really makes me mad... i feel so hopeless... i wish i would know why did this happen to him.. and to my bros wife... and where is he now...

  • I am so sorry for your loss hurtme!! No one knows why some one dies. The only thing I can share is what my father told me before he passed on when I asked him why he was going to die. He said "everyone has a purpose in this life some are here for a very long time and some are only here for a short time when our purpose has been done then we go to heaven (my father was a catholic) he told me that god told him that people will be hurting & sad but we would see each other again So I would say yes there is god & your brother's purpose has been done. His wife & you will have to greive & mourn then remember the love and good times you shared with your brother especially now that there is a little one whom you will need to tell his baby how you and your brother grew up, the love that you shared and all the fun & mean things you did to each other. This way your brother is honored & remembered The hurt & sorrow will pass and you & your family will pull thru it just takes time

    Blessings to you and your family

  • Dear HurtMe,

    I have studied methapsychics and in so doing I will share with you that the feeling of being mad is normal. It is a first on the stages you go through when healing from a loss. You will become stronger soon and be able to help his wife and child along the way also.

    Did your brother play a guitar, as I hear music around him , meaning that he really liked music or was involved in it in some way. You have wonderful memories to carry forward with you and to share about your brother.

    Once on this earthplane we all will die at some time, either young or old, depends on what we wanted to do with our lives while here. I read that we all have exit points -accidents, surgerys, ect where we can choose to go than . The answer to why will only be answered when you die, and all you can do now is to live and do it well and be happy and try to make others happy along with you.

    I will recommend a book The Other Side by Syliva Brown to you to read. It will give you some deeper understanding of life after death.

    God Bless


  • I'm so very sorry for your loss and can only agree with what has been said so far. Sometimes it's not easy to understand why things happen. I have studied Near Death Experiences for many years, and I'm convinced that there is more beyond this world we live in. Please try to find a copy of a book called "Life After Life" by Dr. Raymond Moody. He was a cardiologist for many many years, and after repeatedly hearing patients' descriptions of the Afterlife, he finally started researching the Near Death phenomenon and discovered some pretty amazing things. This book may help to comfort you and your family during this difficult time. I am so very sorry for your loss to your family, and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  • I agree with everything said before this. we all have a purpose in and a "Mission" in our lives and the lives of others. Everyone we meet, everyone in our lives are there for a reason and we in thiers. We all have challenges we ourselves, our souls/spirits, chose to confront in our lifetimes to learn, to grow and to evolve. we do not chose challenges we cannot overcome but it is okay to "fail". There is no failure. God does not punish us or become disappointed if we have trouble. Only sends unlimited Love and Compassion and hopes for his/her beloved creations to find that Love and open ourselves to it, and then share it! Remember, all our decisions are made from/out of either Love or fear.

    There are no "victims".

    Surrender to your anger, fear, sadness and it is transmuted. Allow yourself to grieve. Accept that everything is as it should be and we are all in "this" together. We feel each other's pain and passion. Compassion flows from here. Love and Compassion are our ultimate gift to each other.

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