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  • Hi Blmoon,

    a while back you confirmed the energy in my house was so negative and that it was the energy of the previous owner. I have tried and tried with reiki, loud music, clapping, positive thoughts to get it out. I do not feel I am succeeding. Do you still feel that negative energy here? I would love a tip or two because we are stuck with this house for heaven knows how long since the property market is so bad and the house is in such need of a renovation and we would only make a loss if we sold (unless of course one day a tidal wave sweeps over the whole of The Netherlands which is nearly 3 metres below sealevel where I live in which case the house would be gone but so too would the bank we took the loan from...). I really feel like I should ask you for some advice. DO you have the energy to give me some?

    Much appreciated and thank you,


  • I do not remember that post so I can either look it up or start fresh--something tells me to start fresh---I'm getting first off that there is an energy blockage of a structural nature---I'm seeing the house was built oddly---there were add ons and the energy of that person was chaotic---very intense energy--mentally off---and in conflict with another---big arguing back and forth---the female craves for a home---she is very artistic and meek--the male energy had big issues---drank and spirit says "the destroyer of beauty". Like a war. This house attracts like energy---females with "home" dreams yet somehow under some mans crazy impulses she can't control. It's as if the house fights any good repair or happy intentions. Unfourtunetly this lingering male energy will amplify that in the man who comes into that home so the healing must be more than the house but also from the couple who lives there. First off the female--you--must be fearless in your gut feelings about what you really hate in that house. I get that there are a few major aspects that bother you though you think the changes are too big to handle and somone is in disagreement. What will heal the house to a home is for you to "own every inch"! It's as if you must claim it as your home! Shout it out when you feel most oppressed by the condition---shout this is my house! Be honest with yourself--there are changes you keep meaning to make but then feel tired and stuck--it's very hard to get past that. Is there an upstairs? I'm getting a very dark--too wood dark or stagnate feeling area upstairs--it's as if the area screams leave me alone---I pick up you have bold ideas to just do something big but are not supported. Spirit says to honor your list--make that list on paper. What will heal the house is LOVE---in it's condition you do not feel the love---the more changes you do--with your own hands and doing it your way and to please you will raise the energy--LOVE trumps all negative energy.Spirit says you really already know what is off in that house so you must adress that. Do not be afraid to change your mind--if you paint but it is not just so--try again---this is so about you loving it--all the way and ignoring any conflicting imput. Spirit says try try again is OK--it sends the message--I will not settle. I also see that there is a problem with your entrance to the house. Also Spirit says you are putting up with contents in the house you prefer gone. This house is challanging you to get tough--be demanding--want what you want and make it happen.. There definetly is an energy fighting you but I pick up it is past and present so there is someone in your life right now who fights your needs--this home as your extention of yourself--somewhere in your life past or present you have been overshadowed and settled for less--you have issues with taking the path of least resistance. So it makes sense that you are right now in a place that is challanging that. I need to go right now but I feel a good connection so if any of this does feel right for you let me know and I can later connect with any spirit lingering and I can also give you spirit advice about the problem areas that you do not feel reflect who you are. BLESSINGS!

  • HI Blmoon, oh yes I resonate with everything. Lol man's crazy impulses, so true...First off the entrance, I know there is something amiss there but I cannot place it. I stand looking at it often wondering what is it I need to change but I cannot put my finger on it. The entrance does not make me feel welcome. I seem to be the only one who feels it. The previous owner was the first owner of this house. I do not know much about him except that he was really chaotic and very bad at repair jobs. Anything we do in this house turns in to a major operation because he has done it so badly. And yes the energy I feel is his dominating presence which is what you confirmed in your last help, it is under the fengshui section about clutter I think. In my case it is me who is backing down and letting things past me, I have been told by other readers that now is the time to put a stop to that. The dominant one is my husband through his personality, he has a massive ego and a lot of charisma and his favourite place is on the stage which is where he belongs, he is a master at entertainment. I have let myself hide behind him for so long, I know this and am trying to combat it.

    The area of the house which is dark and wooden is upstairs too, the previous owner built a stairway through the room to the top floor (Dutch houses are built up not out so ground floor and 2 upper floors). It is all wood panelling. I sanded it down a while back and the kids went nuts with all the energy coming out. I had to keep the doors and windows open. I would love to gut that room and re design the stairway. The energy is so bad.

    The ground floor is where I feel the most resistance, I think it is the wooden floor, I feel if that gets sanded or even removed that the energy will change. Can you feel that at all? We bought this house when I was heavily pregnant and my husband decided we could not bring our child up in the city (Amsterdam) and he chose this house which I hated but I signed the dotted line none the less (dominant). We have never really had the cash to make the changes that are so badly needed. I really would love to make it mine, I am sure if I could do that then all my wishes to move away from here back to my home country would dissolve and I would have more peace and energy to focus on the social aspect and building up a support network.

    Energy fighting my needs, well that would be either my husband or myself. Husband because he is never here to help and I cannot whip out the paint I have waiting when my 4 kids are jumping about., plus never home long enough to do any work about the place. Myself because I keep finding excuses not to do something. Biggest stopper is the finances of course. If I had the money I would gut the place and start from scratch. The location is perfect. Well, apart from the high power line across the road.

    Oops I am sorry I rambled on there. Do you pick anything more up about the entrance, indeed the ground floor?

    Thank you Blmoon for taking the time to help, I would so love to have a home instead of a house with bad energy.

    Hugs to you, Paddi

  • We have a similiar history! So I will have to be careful not to get my feelings involved. When my kids were small--I had 4! My first house I was very pregnant and my husband surprised me with the house--we had just moved far from home and were staying with my mother and her house was very old and full of bugs! I slept in the van at night and so my husband surprised me with a house and I too hated it! He was offended as he thought he was doing a good thing so I tolerated it but never felt good there no matter what I did. Then I fell in love with this huge old house that needed so much work but I was young and felt drawn to it--it turned out to be very haunted! Same thing--I was always working on it but nothing really ever got completed--tried pulling up old tile only to have parts that resisted all efforts even a torch---my kids took so much time and the longer there the more aware I was of so many spirits and one was very dark and it effected my husband terribly as if it was feeding off him. We ended up just giving it back to the people who held the mortgage even though we had spent plenty fixing it up--it just was not good. Now much older and knowing more I understand the attraction was more seduction---there was a positive energy that was calling for me to rescue the house and also the dark energy was eager to dominate through my husband. The first night we slept there I woke up to find that every clock in the house was running backwards! Years later I researched and found out the house was once an underground railroad for slaves and later it was a rooming house for the old and infirm. Now it is owned by a pair of psychics who run a spiritual shop downstairs! My son went there once out of curiosity and bought me some stones and he told them he lived there and the place was haunted and they said they know! My final house--I fell in love the moment I walked in---the lady there was having a yard sale and for some reason she mentioned she was movingout as a renter and asked me to come inside and it was if the place glowed. I had been needing to move for six months as the last rental didn't work out--we were going to buy it--had a contract and the owner changed the terms--my husband wanted to sue him but something in me said no and I cried for weeks as I thought it was the one. Anyway, I had an intuition to start packing and be ready even though houses were hard to come by and we had to rent. So for months I kept packing as if a house was coming and that's how it happened---I have been here 25 years and still love this house and once my children grew up I was able to make it special--tiling artfully and being very creative. I am a great builder and good at carpentry and just a real handiwoman. One of the first impressions I got on your home is there is something underground so that was interesting what you said about the floor downstairs--the picture I get is running water like a river flowing beneath. If that is true that would be a very strong restless energy and encourages strong emotions---so I'm thinking you need a barrier to absorb that and that the wood is not enough. You need elements that are opposite of water so I would research that. Even thick carpet or laying tile or stone.My true feelings are you need to leave but since you feel that is not an option I will just offer suggestions spirit suggests. I suspect the direction of this water flows directly in line with your front door and intuitively standing there a sensitive person feels being "pushed" and it's unsettleing. Also, did the original owner plant something large off center and in line with the door? Is the view to the road blocked from the door? Spirit says to start outside as that will energize your efforts inside as there are so many qiurks inside it really is overwhelming and that's your gut saying just start from scratch. But if you say you can't then you must aproach this battle with the intention of strength so you can balance that. It's just like healing a person--healing any situation takes energy. So build up a strength outside---outside the "fairies" give help--nature evokes divine connections. I feel a great spiritual energy begging to let you let them work through you so this is a gift! This is a special time to crack this nut---start by first making it real in your mind's heart's desire. Stand outside side your home with paper and pen and look at your house and the land around it and write down every lame thing that bothers you. To get the energy moving first go slow--maybe a late in the day clean-up throwing out things--clearing space. Do not overdo that first start. Then into the evening and specialy at bed time start thinking about how you would like the outside to look----feel the excitement of ideas. The more these ideas hit the cosmos things will start coming to you--you will find so many things you already have but never knew how to use them in a new way. This will excite you and soon your outside will feed you the extra energy for inside work--you must make a beautiful dream space outside you love and you will get help so don't get overwhelmed with that idea first off--start with space clearing--in a big way. Also, Spirit says that while working outside you will feel the areas that have busy energy and at night ideas will come for sollutions---Specially the area out back were the water is flowing--front to back--you need to plant in a way that slows that direct line down--winds it and slows it down--spread it right to left some.. You will be guided with ideas---there will be days of rest but keep it going and push yourself to have one thing off the list the days you are not resting. Inside I feel that second floor is an energy trapper and it amplifys. You need to paint the wood--something very crisp and light---very close to white but a hint of bright color--like a yellow. You need mirrors and artwork with a very peaceful scene--something like a famouse print---or the mona Lisa and place a mirror on the opposite wall reflecting the picture to double that energy. Be carefull with sharp corners--specially facing the stairs If you must have furniture with sharp corners--soften them with a plant or an object near that corner you love. Sharp corners should not point towards a doorway--make sure you have no sharp corners directed towards your entrance of the house. This is getting too long---start outside and you will receive all you need if you keep at it and keep in touch and I will respond as you progress. OH, spirit keeps saying use salt---go around your outside with it and if the irritated spirit starts acting up as you claim your home use the salt in any areas you feel he is acting up. Again, famouse prints of artwork--beatifull things close to God carry a high vibration so consider things like that energy helpers. Do not keep anything in your home that has a negative or sad memory or anything you do not absolutely love.. BLESSINGS

  • PS--consider counteracting that water energy beneath your floor with a fire color maybe---can you paint your floor?---that's what I'm hearing

  • Hi Blmoon, wow what a story of moving you have! I would so love to hand this back to the bank and live with the loss but my husband will not support me, I have already suggested it. I have already ripped out the front and back postage stamp gardens, I grew up in the country and as I get older I miss the open space. The tree in the front was planted by a couple here who kind of adopted us when we moved here but I had it taken out. Actually the "granny" has done a lot here and I am trying to get rid of her stamp, shee meant well and was a lifesaver when I was surrounded by babies and on my own but her energy and taste is not mine. My husband and I actually both wondered about a flow of water under the house because there is one bedroom that the kids cannot sleep in and we thought it could be that. Interesting. There is a buxus tree from the previous owner in the back garden which aligns with the door and I would love to get rid of it but I keep hearing how expensive these trees are. Maybe I will give it away to whoever wants to come and remove it.

    I love the sound of fairy help, I will surely ask for help there!

    Thanks for your help Blmoon, I just wanted to add haunted house, wow how brave is that! I actually have already found my dream house in Ireland and my husband loves it too, we walked in and I immediately was home, it is top of my list for the Universe. My kids are still small, 8 to 2, and I am not so far along my spiritual path but one day I hope to be as gifted as you are.

    Blessings and hugs and many thanks,


  • ps yes I can paint the floor my husband wants transparent lacquer as it is parquet, I want a colour. The floor in the hallway was like paving stone and we put laminat over it because drillling it out was tooo much work. It is a red colour. Dutch houses are built on wooden pales because of the watery ground. Lol it would be easier to pack and go....I will keep you posted!

  • Result! My husband has agreed we should sell when the market stabilises! Time to start packing LOL.

  • YES!!!!Start packing--make it real! BLESSINGS!

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