Captain... what do you get from this

  • Hi Captain.

    I I decided the Virgo guy was not right for me. I went out on a few dates with a friend of my sisters

    last weekend and when i was with him I felt the strangest over whelming feeling. I kind of feel Like I really know him even though I dont. I cant help- but think though that this may all end in tears on my part.

    My DOB 26/06/87

    His name is Ian and his date of birth is 18/03/78

  • Emily, you seem to be on a rather quick and desperate search for a love partner, though I do remember advising you to be your own partner first and get to know yourself better before looking for love in all the wrong places. Then you won't have to waste your time searching for partners who are not compatible for you - you will be able to recognise the sort of person who can make you feel loved and appreciated and supported. I am wondering if you are often attracted to much older men as this seems to be a pattern here and can indicate a yearning for a good father or teacher/mentor figure, rather than a lover.

    With you and Ian, this can be a relationship where you both learn many lessons - indeed, the themes of learning and teaching are important here. The two of you are involved with ideas and concepts, you may even believe you have a message to share. You will enjoy a host of challenging activities together - the relationship's focus is usually the acquisition of knowledge through experience. Differences in age are no barrier here, though the relationship will resemble that of teacher-student. In the area of love, neither of you will see romance or pleasure as the be-all and end-all in your relationship. If one or either of you don't feel that a love affair is a learning experience, you will quickly tire of it. For your relationship to be fulfilling, challenges must be met, barriers overcome, and development visible. A certain amount of pain, suffering and difficulty is not seen as proof of the relationship's failure - in fact, it is understood as a challenge to grow. This relationship can either be very stimulating or inhibiting - you will have to give each other space a lot. Its positive attitude to pain and suffering however can also be a good omen for the long term future - if you can put up with its challenges of jealousy, competition, impatience and demanding attitudes.

  • thank you captain,

    I think my problem is that Im scared of being alone. it just makes me un-happy.

  • What is the worst thing that could happen if you were to be alone? Do you feel being unable to cope with life or fear being attacked - or what? What is it about your own company that scares you?

  • I that i do not know the answer to. I think its maybe because im just scared of not meeting anyone. I spent a long time alone, all my friend are settled, children etc and I want that too. My life is not as it should be in all aspects especially financially but a man in my life would be a step forward in finding happiness

  • Captain, I had a dream last night that I was suffocating. I just couldn't breath, i was gasping for air. It was frightening. Have you any idea what this could mean?

  • It means that something (or someone) in your present environment is stifling or scaring you. What is making you feel boxed in?

  • And a step forward in finding happiness is not finding a man, but finding a friend in yourself and coming to like and accept yourself rather than feeling like a failure because your life is not like that of your friends. You don't know what problems they may be having in what can appear to be a stable relationship on the outside. If you always look for answers in the outer world, you will not find them. All the answers lie inside you. You need to do some serious self-examination. If you don't like and support yourself, why would anyone else want to?

  • i think your right captain, maybe I should take the job, move away, it might help me find myself.

    the dream was scary. maybe that is something to do with me and my best friend falling out, although we have sorted things now. Im just under a lot of stress at the moment and feeling anxious.

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