Help with a reading pretty please! Should I persue him?

  • Hi everybody! 🙂

    I did a reading last Friday that is very important to me, but has left me somewhat confused.

    As ever, it was a question about love. My ex split up a long time ago, but since then we have got back together on and off, and seeing him on the odd occasion make the feelings I have tried to forget about worse. I have tried so hard to just get over him, but I can't.

    So I did a reading:

    In the "situation" position I got the four of wands.

    In the "love and me" position, I got the Wheel of Fortune.

    In the "Challenges" position, I got the Page of swords.

    I think I understand the Wheel of Fortune card... it describes how I feel perfectly- I feel like I have no idea where I stand in the whole thing, and I just want clarity.

    The other two have got me confused... the Four of Wands is a card that says to me to take my chances and go for it, whereas the Page of Swords signifies to step back and make sure I know all the answers first.

    I'm probably wrong; I'm quite new all this.

    I'd really appreciate the help!


  • Hi, I have to say , I am some what bemused by your post!

    You say you are new at this as am I, but you are not new to your love?

    Why then would you put such important matters up for risk, because even if you had been using Tarot for a long time.. you would realise that the cards have many meanings and can be interpretted in many ways, the reading of same cards could come out differently for every reader! It depends on state of mind and surrounding energies, my advice would be if you are going to put so much weight on what cards tell you, have a professional open minded reading by best you can afford.. Other than that trust in your own interpretations the ones that pop straight into your mind at first glance of cards, but be aware that they are only a tool .. meant as a guide.. you already know what you want to do as well as knowing what you should do ! Its just a matter of discovering it!

  • Hi, i just read back my post and.. omg!" I sound Aaagh! Apologies! I think, I am having a bad day today, ! I have a bit of a dark cloud over me, I already miss Michael Jackson! Feels as if there a gap in the world now where he should be! So sad!

    SD I am really sorry for sounding so Bluh! above, I hope that someone can help you with your reading..I had similar the other day , including the two you refer to at end!

    Maybe we can both benefit, if some kind person would offer any advice on these cards coming out together like this.. I would be grateful too! In honesty I have much same situaution as yours! and.. I think probably I was taking out some of my own frustrations there, when they should have been aimed at myself! So Sorreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! : )

  • Okay, so first of all I'd probably suggesting doing a bigger spread. This isnt a lot of information for such a big subject.

    But, from what I see, the 'situation' as the 4 of wands seems to be your desire for harmony between you and your ex. The 4's are usually about stability, and this one is about completion of a stage (usually temporary, lol) so this could just be reflecting you probably wanting to get back with your ex boyfriend.

    For Challenges, I think your right. Maybe its saying you don't know enough about the actual situation to make any kind of decision. Maybe it suggests bad communication between you and your ex. it could also mean gossip...but I'm not sure if that's an actual factor or not.

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