Can someone please help me interpret this :(

  • I am going to an event next week that i had been planning for a little bit and i just found out that someone i havent seen in a while is going to be there. I was just wondering if i could get some further help on it thanks!

    What to expect between us: The King of Wands is the highest human manifestation of primal, positive, masculine, assertive, yang energy. A man perhaps in the sense that the qualities of masculinity are deeply imbued in his very essence. That doesn't necessarily mean "macho" doesn't even necessarily mean "male," but what i think it means is that there's a human personality in the equation that embodies all these things.

    Why: Because theres been an opening to an new oppertunity to start over or a new begining for something

    Or foolishness ?

    confussed here...

    How He feels about me this night: Emperor and sun

    He feels he has control over the situation with me and us and because of this he feels good about it?

    How i Feel about him this night: Page of swords and queen of wands

    I'd say awkwardness, feeling uncomfortable, etc. As feelings for someone, I'd say they were feelings that one was having difficulty expressing. (queen of swords)

    but i see the queen of wands as being the complete opposite outgoing very charasmatic, and flirtatioius, and full of passion

    Knight of wands and strength as overal of night

    Knight of wands is usually a figure that is in for a moment and out just as quick as they came into the picture. This is how that guy is in my life especially most recently so i would say this is describing that. and maybe the strength card is point towards me being able to move past that.

    Im not sure if anyone could help thatd be great thanks so much

  • King of Wands


    The Sun

    Page of Swords

    Queen of Wands

    Knight of Wands


    candycane -

    I think your interpretation is perfect. The fact that you have the KING, QUEEN and KNIGHT of Wands... with the page being a Sword tells me that on the whole, the evening will be really nice between you and him, with a lot of shared energy as you you talk over things, your life paths, and some experiences you have shared in the past. Wands are all inner image stuff, your spirit nature so this sounds like everything flows really nice with you two, you are comparing notes... the Page of Swords tells me that there is going to be a lot of conversation between you two for sure. Take some extra breath mints 🙂

    Everything looks like nice setup for you two.... should be nice. An evening to settle accounts.

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