Shuabby or Captain please help

  • My daughter is a single mother working full time and going to school. BD 12/3/87 do you see her meeting anyone with whom she will have a future. Thanks

  • marsc135

    You are a good mother and want your daughter to be happy. I feel she is now or soon will be as she is on the right path and will be able to support herself and her children soon. She is not in a hurry to find a mate , I feel that you want her to find a stable man and receive some help from him so that her life is more settled and her children will have a father figure around.

    She will meet a man but I feel it will happen in six months from now. He will be a bit older than her and has dark hair and light eyes. Tall man but likes to eat. He will like children and could have a son from a marriage. Non the less I feel palm trees around her so she will live where it is hot. I see a house also here for her and it is a one level stone front home , sets on land that offers miles of garden and a swimming pool in the back yard.

    Don't worry for her, she has a bright future coming.


  • Thanks, You just descibed to a T the guy she is dating now, minus the palm trees. This is amazing You just described the guy she is dating now. He even has a son from another marridge. He is very tall brown hair, green eyes. Except he is still hung up on his ex-wife. So right now they are not doing to well. But maybe if this is him, in 6 months they will be able to work things out and both grow up a little. I do like him alot, nice guy.

    Ok so a few weeks ago you told me about meeting someone when I least expect it. Tall with boots and dark hair. Do you feel he is coming soon..

  • marsc135

    He came into your energy field which is what I read. Sometimes for whatever reasons things get delayed and you may even deceide to give up and when you do than of course it happens.

    Yes he is still in your energy field and he just may travel so that is the delay in meeting him. Open yourself to others in the meantime, get out there and mingle and have fun.


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