11 Card Celtic Cross Birthday reading

  • I just did my birthday reading from tarot.com and here are my cards. Is there anyone who would be interested in trying to explain what it means to me? Any insight would be helpful!!!


    Higher Power: The Empress

    Recent Past: 9 Swords

    Situation: 4 Swords

    Self: 9 Coins

    Challenges/ Opportunities: Judgment

    Near Future: 10 Coins

    Foundation: 6 Swords

    Long-term Potential: The Hierophant

    Advice: 7 Swords

    Allies: The Lovers

    Blocks & Inhibitions: Ace of Swords

  • You have a deep love of nature, earth, you like the great outdoors.

    Recently you have been dealing with a lot of stress over something.

    Your present situation is one of abandoning trying to resolve whatever the stress was about.

    You are very secure materially, you surround yourself with little things, reminders and objects that comfort you about your life. Perhaps you like to collect something.

    You are facing something that is demanding a choice, a decision which you have been avoiding however now it is unavoidable.

    This decision will turn favorably for you, and shore up your material position in life, something about your career.

    You are heading long term into something connected with your career (and this tied back to this decision you will soon need to make) that is very secure and is something you have been wanting to do for a long time, something that others need that you love to do. This will open up for you.

    You are advised to entertain all of your options at this time. Keep your mind VERY open to possibilities you had not considered. Your choice you will soon need to make will most likely be in a direction you had not considered. Or you had discounted.

    You have someone close to you who is giving you advice right now, this person you are v ery close to and they are a real strength in your life, a real blessing.

    Your only hindrance right now is your willingness to start something new in your life, You are wanting to hang on to something from the past you need to let go of. Do that, and the way will be clear.

  • Hi AstraAngel, thank you so much for your interpretation of my reading. Reading this has really has hit the nail on the head for me. It also has given me alot to think of.

    Thank you again for your insight.


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