How do you get a libra to be honest?

  • Disregarding maybe I am too late to ask for this and maybe that I am already very easy to read and be manipulated, I need to know just what I can do to get a libra to be honest with me and that I could trust the answers to my questions to this libra.

  • Oh that's why I felt compelled to answer the last topic... ok. My boyfriend is a Libra and he lies all the time. I investigate him and then turn it into a joke...yep! He has learned that if he wants to stay with me, I accept no lies. And so, I would tell something like this: "Do you really think you're lying to me? Naah buddy, you're lying to yourself, cause I always figure out the truth, either by you slipping up or just by physics...what goes around, comes around" So that puts him into question about my honesty. See the reverse here? or the joke side of when he says something like "well I've seen this actor face-to-face and he actually shook my hand and we had a little conversation"... I would then say, "and you didn't even invite him over for dinner? lolol and laugh it off....what's the point of being upset anyhow, know who you are and if you just can't deal with the lies, let go sweety and save your mental health.


  • lol... @ ScorpWolf

    I am dating a Libra mas and its only been two months... He is a very loving somebody but he is a liar, Flip... why do libra guys lie so much? Well so far I can handle the lies but I make sure that he knows that I cant be lied to because I hate lies... I rely on my intution since I'm a cancer...

  • Yes I know ...I really on my intuition as well, like radars! lol take care

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