Shuaby, pls <3

  • dearest Shuaby,

    I know I have done wrong in seeing my ex-BF whom broke my heart while im with this new man...i have cheated on this new man with my ex.. but i came home realizing i dont want to be with this new man or want a relationship with my ex not going to lie, but i will always have my ex in my stupid little heart. this new man seems to be crazy in love with me, but a little to needy and i like my space and my time a lone..

    Shuaby, i thought i would find love this year. but you know what, i did gain something new, i learned what it is i really want for my self and continue with focus. or maybe im just so hurt i wana be a lone for now.... hhmmm..

    my question here is for you, is love not in the cards for me right now? or did seeing my ex set me back? i feel like it did, and in the back of my mind i ask my self.."am i ever going to really move on from my ex?' will i ever find that man, that ....i dont know......i fall deeply in love with as he does the same for me?

    its always nice to hear from you, so i hope you get a chance to chat with me a little..

  • sweetody,

    Your ex and you have a past life that seems to continue in this one. My advice here to you is to do what you are feeling. Take some time away to yourself. You are on track with the way you feel about both men, however neither one of them is the ONE for you this time around unless you choose them to be.

    If you wait and clear your head and heart you will find a rewarding love affair that has an Englishman flair. He may not be English but will have some ot fhe mannerisms. He will be a man you would never have thought of in your wildest dreams , but here he will be with wonderful charm and blue eyes that dance with fun and most of all he will have a sincere heart that captures yours in slow motion and lasting love. I feel happy for you just receiving and writing this, he is on his way, I feel cold weather so the winter is when he will appear.


  • thank you as always Shuabby, 😃

    love and hugs for you ❤

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