Recent reading has me confused...

  • So I got a free birthday reading and understand what all of the cards are saying but I'm not sure what it all means together!

    Celtic Cross

    Jun 24, 2009

    Your Question: will this next year bring me a partner

    This is what I got,

    Self: Eight of Cups

    Situation: The High Priestess

    Challenges/ Opportunities: Temperance

    Foundation: The Lovers

    Recent Past: Seven of Swords

    Higher Power: Two of Swords

    Near Future: King of Coins

    Blocks & Inhibitions: Death

    Allies: Six of Coins

    Advice: Two of Wands

    Long-term Potential: Five of Coins

  • Hi, I read as a hobby so I can give you my advice...

    Your first card "Eight of Cups" symbolizes that you are choosing to walk away from a situation like a job, relationship, a previous residence or even lifestyle in search of something else. Instead of this coming out of the blue, it typically means that you will choose this on your own. However, as one door closes another door is sure to open for you in whatever context this is in.

    The situation as the High Priestess, this card is telling you to trust your intuition as it is trying to guide you. It's a very spiritual card and can mean that synchronicities are likely now to occur.

    The Challenges for you are the Temperance card. It's a card telling you that your own personal issues may be standing in the way of you moving on to the relationship you desire. You need to find "balance" in yourself, in your relationships, and your "goals and aspirations".

    The foundation of the Lovers can mean several things....First of all, the Lovers card is indicating that there is a source of Love in your environment, perhaps it is unknown by you as this person has not conveyed their feelings. It can point to a struggle you are having as to whether to listen to your heart or your head with this person as well, when this card appears in this context it is telling you to listen to your heart or follow your heart. It can represent "fear" and that you need to remember to act out of "love", not "fear". It can also mean that there is a choice being presented to you, it could mean two love prospects at the same time (where you must make a choice as to who is better) or it could mean the choice between staying single and entering a relationship. Either way, this is the card you want to see when asking a question relating to your love life since it often points to mutual love and the foundation for a long-term relationship.

    Your recent past of 7 of Swords is telling you to do things the right way and in an ethical way, even if someone else is not treating you in the same manner. It can mean that you need to have "trust" too in a person and that you may be feeling suspicious. It speaks of finding "balance".

    Your high power of 2 of Swords again speaks of "balance". It shows a need for "give" and "take" particularly in partnerships. In a reading when you are looking for love, this card can indicate that you should look within yourself to see if you have any outstanding emotional issues to address.

    The near future of King of Coins can have several meanings. First, it can speak of a literal man that is about to enter your life (typically one who is older) and he is a man who can be trusted. It can also mean that now is the time to follow the established way of doing things. The card speaks of success, authority, and tradition. In love, it is a very positive card to see and can mean that you will be swept off your feet in a sense by love and that while you should put your best foot forward for this relationship, the person will love you regardless. It's telling you not to pretend to be someone your not because this person will love "you" for "you".

    Blocks are the Death card speaks to deep transformation and change. Perhaps people and situations of the past that you have strongly counted on will no longer be there for you in the same manner. It's also a card of courage to face the change and know that renewal is on the other side.

    Allies 6 of Coins...speaks of equality, fairness, generosity..helping those in need whether it be monetarily or with a listening ear. It can mean that if you are unattached, you will meet someone who is kind, generous, and a positive influence.

    Advice 2 of a card again about balance. It speaks to taking care of yourself "getting enough sleep", "eating healthy", etc. It can also mean in the context of love, that someone who is very good for you is already a part of your life in some context and to give this person a chance.

    Long term potential is 5 of Coins...this is pointing to insecurity and feeling have the power to change this within you. It could be that you feel somewhat left out in the "cold"...this card is a reminder as well, that when the time is right and love is right, you won't have to do backflips to make this relationship work. You need to broaden your horizons and think more positively.

    Overall, the reading is saying to me that you might be holding yourself back from finding the happiness you seek. Perhaps a bad experience in the past has caused you to loose trust or to have faith that someone could come along and love you. It appears that there is love in your environment so from what I can tell the opportunity for happiness is there, but you need to look within yourself to see if you can truly embrace it and the changes that such a relationship will bring to your life. Also, keep in mind that these cards are just a "guide" and that as things change, so too will the outcome or potential. Good luck!

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