Please Help with Interpreting A Celtic Cross Spread!?! :-)

  • Hey everyone! I would love the opinions of more experienced tarot readers on this Celtic Cross spread I did about a possible reconciliation and how soon this would happen. Thanks so much for your input! 🙂

    Significant: 9 of Cups

    1. Environment: The World

    2. Crossing: Queen of Pentacles

    3. Hopes and Dreams: 4 of Swords

    4. Recent Difficulties: 4 of Cups

    5. Last of the Present: The Moon

    6. First of the Future: Ace of Cups

    7. Future Environment: 3 of Pentacles

    8. How Others See You: Queen of Cups

    9. Hopes and Fears: The Chariot

    10. Outcome: 8 of Wands

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