Hanswolfgang, please help me

  • Wondering if you can help me out. My virgo bf d.o.b. is September 2, 1963 his initial is M. My d.o.b. is March 25, 1954 my initial is E. I haven't seen him since April but spoke to him often( long distance relationship over 4 years). In July he disappeared for a week without telling me and then contacted me to say he thought it would be best to break off. 2 weeks later he called and told me he made the wrong decision and is not sure and still thinking about it. He has left me hanging on, I told him if it's over to give me back my things and have a nice life. I still don't have my things and he is still thinking about the situation. Would you please help me.

  • arieslost,

    Wondering if you can help me out: happiness in all areas such as health, finances, work, or relationships.

    My virgo bf d.o.b. is September 2, 1963: there is protection in love, marriage and family. It represents his marriage and the foundation of love upon which a family and life can be built. This is usually considered a good influence, especially for a happy family and social life. He may even turn down offers of love at those times when he is feeling so fulfilled in the areas of friendship and romance. If he is single, there is a strong indicator of marriage. It can also speak about his home and family and things going on in these areas. It represents, at its most basic level, the foundation of love upon which all of his other relationships are built.

    you please help me: be careful that you do not engage in gossip.

    Once you go back, once you can see with full awareness what the problem is, just the seeing becomes the reformation. Just the vision of it and it is released; you are freed by it. Awareness is liberating.

  • Thank you, but I really don't understand what you mean. Tomorrow is his birthday and I was wondering if I should call him since I haven't heard from him in 2 weeks. I don't understand what is going on with him, I am so confused.

  • arieslost,

    no, you should not call him.

    The seed is never in danger, remember. What danger can there be for the seed? It is absolutely protected. But the plant is always in danger, the plant is very soft. The seed is like a stone, hard, hidden behind a hard crust. But the plant has to pass through a thousand and one hazards. And not all plants are going to attain to that height where they can bloom into flowers, a thousand and one flowers....

    Very few human beings attain to the second stage, and very few of those who attain the second stage attain the third, the stage of the flower. Why can't they attain the third stage, the stage of the flower? Because of greed, because of miserliness, they are not ready to share... because of a state of unlovingness.

    Courage is needed to become a plant, and love is needed to become a flower. A flower means the tree is opening up its heart, releasing its perfume, giving its soul, pouring its being into existence.

    Don't remain a seed. Gather courage--courage to drop the ego, courage to drop the securities, courage to drop the safeties, courage to be vulnerable.

  • I was very confused by your first reply. I interpreted it as I should have more patience with him and wait. You were talking about marriage protection etc. i WAS JUST GOING TO CALL AND WISH HIM HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON HIS VOICEMAIL DURING THE DAY BECAUSE HE IS NOT THERE.

  • Sorry for the caps

  • arieslost,

    our language is very small. Its approach is very limited and our being is the unlimited, the unbounded; nothing can be said about it. Yes, even this much is to concede, is to be compassionate -- to say that nothing can be said about it.

  • Hello,

    I am so sorry but this is like a puzzle for me. I am trying to understand what you are saying. Do you mean if I do acknowlegde his birthday I will be giving in to him, boosting his ego etc. I was only going to do it out of politeness since he acknowledged my birthday in March and took me to a restaurant.

  • arieslost,

    do you mean if I do acknowlegde his birthday I will be giving in to him, boosting his ego etc: no.

    You are trying to understand, and if you understand it, there is no need of any posts; the understanding will remain with you. Understanding becomes part of your blood, part of your bones, part of your marrow.

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