Why did my brother die??

  • my brother died on 19th apr 2011.. he was just 28 yrs then.. the worse part is he was married and his wife is 27yrs.. and more worse is he had a baby who was just 15 days when he died... he was such a nice human being.. he loved every1... he was so excited about his baby.. he had so many plans... he and his wife were so happy together...they were so much in love and the best couple i have seen in my life till now...ohh why he died.. why did this happen to him.. we couldnt even talk to him for the last time.. it was a road accident...he would have felt so helpless before dying.. how could he leave his wife and bay to face such a horrible life ahead... his wife is going carzy.. she keeps crying all the time.. she keeps saying i want him back.. i cant live without his... why did this happen... etc... she is so sad i cannot see her so sad... can any1 plz say where is he now.. is he at peace...how to heal his wife from this pain... i am feeling helpless and hopeless... does god exsist and if he does why he made this plan for his wife and for him....

    PS: the time when he died (we were anot aware he died) my brothers wife felt him very close to her and saying "I am going".. thinking about these things really makes me mad... i feel so hopeless... i wish i would know why did this happen to him.. and to my bros wife... and where is he now...

  • Dear Hurtme,

    So sorry to hear about your brother. I can only imagine with horror the devastation you and your family are feeling now.

    However, I am not at all surprised to hear that your brother's wife has heard him saying "I'm going" at the time of his death. My dad died this March and my sister saw him in her dream at the time he died. He was just standing, looking at her and smiling. My sister told him that he looked very handsome. She herself at that time was ill, and was just starting her chemo treatment, so we were hiding his death from her for a couple of weaks, out of concerns for her health, but she already guessed it herself, because of that dream. Some time after I saw him in my dream too. It was a very realistic dream, in which he told me : "well, it looks like I've died" . I said - "yes, you have", and asked him whether it was difficult to cross, to which he said "not really". After that he gave me some practical instructions.

    I'm telling you all that to make you realise that physical death is not the end of existence. Everything points out to it. Nobody knows exactly what form does life take after death, but the kind of experiences your sister in law and my sister had hints that it's more than a simple disappearing of a person.

    Now, I've drawn 3 Tarot cards for your sister in law. First one was the reversed Hermit in the Situation position. That means that she is feeling very isolated and lonely right now. Second one was the Star in the Advice position. This means that she needs to concentrate on hope and serenity. The third card was 3 of Wands in the Future Influences position. This card points to the beginning of a new life, new venture, new partnership. It's a very positive card. She'll be ok with time. It's good that she is grieving now, rather than suppressing her feelings.

    You too, try to accept this loss, knowing that your brother is in a good place now, and wouldn't want to see you and all his loved ones suffering. I know it's difficult to come to terms with his death, but time heals. And he is out there, looking after you. Many hugs to you !

  • HI HurtMe I am so sorry for your loss, the question is always why, I have no answer for that, we go when our time is up. When I try to contact your brother I see a motorbike, was there one involved in the accident or was he on one? I see him with a leather jacket on a motorbike. I see a great shower of golden sparkles which he is sending you. I see him kneeling or sitting by the cradle of his child. i see him stroking his wife's hand. He does not have an answer for why, it is as if he has accepted his time was up and there is no point in dwelling on it.

    I hope someone else can help you to understand the why, please let your sister in law know that her husband is with her and is watching over her and their child.


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