Help interpreting a Celtic cross spread

  • Would anybody be kind enough and able to help me interpret a Celtic cross spread? The person who made it for me thought that it showed my current situation very well, but she was a bit stumped by the outcome card, which she described as 'a bit wishy-washy'. Basically, my situation is that my boyfriend and I had an argument and he hasn't spoken to me now for weeks. I need to know whether or not to give up hope and try to move on.

    1: 9 of Swords

    2: 7 of Cups

    3 (foundation): Ace of Cups

    4 (past): 5 of Wands

    5 (crowning card): Knight of Pentacles

    6 (future): Page of Pentacles

    7: 2 of Swords

    8: King of Swords

    9: The Tower

    10: 6 of Pentacles

    Any input gratefully received. Thanks very much for reading.

  • You are very concerned about this relationship, that is clear. Your challenge which you must meet to be able to see a resolution in this situation is to rest in faith and not let your imagination run away with you. He hasn't called, so what. Imagine something good about this, instead of something bad. See this as a positive development in the relationship and that is what it will be.

    It sounds like the relationship was on a solid foundation (Ace Cups) so this is probably one of those lover spat things that blow over quickly, I wouldn't be concerned as the foundation is strong.

    This isn't the first time you two have had some quarrels. This has recurred a little more intense each time until finally he walked. No big deal, there is a lesson in here somewhere that you must learn.

    You have been very focused on the relationship working out in tangible ways. You are focused on doing things together, tangible activities. The physical connection between the two of you is strong. It is possible that he is desirous to explore something a little more mystical with you and that could be where there is some disconnect.

    The outlook is nice to me... the Page of Pentacles says that you successfully dial the relationship down to something a little more low key so your bF doesn't feel pressured to perform so much. The Page being one notch below the Knight indicates this calming energy moving in for you two. That is a very good sign. He may simply need a little more freedom and needs you to understand that.

    Also the setting that is coming up for you is much more inward looking... you are learning to dig down into yourself more, and relaxing in your life situations. This attitude will help calm the waters between you and your bf as you focus more on internal quietness... maybe not doing as much, and more spiritual work together, prayer, meditation, crystals.

    Your friends see the situation as a stalemate between the two of you, and not changing.

    Your are fearful that it is in fact over, and yet there is a part of your that remembers all of the good times, and it is hard to believe it could all go down the drain over this argument. Keep in mind though that this last argument was simply the final manifestation of a series of issues that have been slowly growing. So it is actually a good things that matters reached a head.

    Final outcome is good... the pentacles SIX ties back into your hopes and dreams about the relationship (the crown card and the near future)... so this is FANTASTIC NEWS you will definitely be getting back together. The SIX is a lovely number very quiet and calm after the tumult of changes (five wands). I would not be concerned, relax he will be calling you soon. While you are waiting, focus on yourself, meditate, pray, seek something deeper in your internal spiritual life. This will send a message to the angels that you "get it" and have listened to instruction, and then they will bring him back to you at the perfect time.

    I can take a look also at your charts - i need your birth dates. This will clarify how you two fit together.

  • Dear AstraAngel

    Thank you SO MUCH for that; that really was astonishingly perceptive. I really do think that it is a good thing that matters came to a head...except, it will only be a good thing if he does come back and we are able to build on this and sort some things out. I am very much aware now (in fact, I think I always was, but somehow, when in the middle of it, I was unable to see a clear way out) of what I need to do in future and how I need to change to make things work.

    Anyhow, it was very kind of you to offer to look at charts for us. If you're quite sure you have time, then my details are that I was born at 4.20pm in Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland on 9th May 1974 and my boyfriend was born in Lancaster, England on 16th February 1977. Unfortunately I don't know his exact time of birth, sorry. (I did ask him once but he didn't know himself.)

    Thank you again for your help and for your time.

  • Bump.

    Just worrying that this might be getting lost back on page 4, not trying to rush you or anything.

  • Hi toriar

    I compared your charts and this is what I come up with.

    FIrst of all, what really jumped out at me was how both of you have very similar placements of Chiron and Venus in Aries. So both of you share two things in common. The Chiron placement in aries says you both suffered something early in life which affected your ability to target and move toward a goal, you may share some sort of vague sense of pain when it comes to being clear about the direction you want for yourselves, and for the relationship. As Venus is also there, you also have a strong empathy toward each other in this area. So there is this pain-nurturing thing going on in aries. While this is a bond between you, you have to watch out that the relationship doesn't become centered in the pain you share rather than the happiness you share. I can speak from experience that when the pains of life is your common bond, you are in for trouble.

    Chiron is for each of your to process individually. When you met there was probably a spark of recognition, as in "I can sense this person has experienced the same pain as i have" and so you connect. That should be a starting point, however that should not be the foundation. Your love styles are very similar though, Venus in Aries, you love to actively do things together... as long as you can decide what to do and get moving! (that is the Chiron weakness). There might be times when this Chiron shared pain thing is too much and you get testy with each other, like you WANT to love, there is this pain nearby that you wrestle with, and it can be taken out on one another. That could be the reason for the recent flare up.

    You hve your Sun and Mercury in Taurus, and He has his Sun Moon Mars and Mercury in Aquarius. So you are the bullheaded one, and when the Chiron thing flares up and you can't decide what direction to go in, the Taurus in you wants to take over and call the shots. He is Aquarius though, and with his Moon there also, he is much more laid back and is like, "why don't we sit here and wait for the groove to come, or wait for enlightenment... and he is very emotional too so he is dreamy eyed and wanting to feel his way through these moments you share together. YOU want results, practical, get it done, let's get moving... he pulls back and that can rub you a little the wrong way.

    You have Venus and Saturn in Cancer, so you have a little bit of a restraint on your ability to be a nurturing, loving response to him. Your ability to reach out to him and be kind and gentle can be limited a little by Saturn. Your style of love may be a little at odds with that. Your Moon and North Node is in Sagittarius so your ultimate life path is trying to pull you in the direction of the Archer, to aim, get moving, accomplish, set goals and even travel as needed to find your way in life.

    His North Node is in Libra so he is very sensitive to issues of balance, composure, a sense of fairness. He is very concerned about decisions, is this the proper, most appropriate choice, and his Aquarian nature may want to close the doors and meditate to discover the answer. You want to load up the suitcases and get moving! (Taurus plus Sag). He is much more laid back in his approach to life (Aquarius and Libra), and so that could be causing a little friction at times.

    You have Jupiter in Pisces so that is helping you with some nice, fluid feeling intuitive sense about the relationship... keep water around the two of you, a little waterfall or something. He will love that and that will connect you a lot. Are there lakes or a beach or something near you? Spend some time around the water would be therapeutic. Anytime you feel the tension rising a little between you, share a glass of water, or take a shower together. Anything to get some water between you. (not sure how "close" you two are!).

    I do see some challenges between you based on your charts, nothing that can't be overcome, it depends on ow hard you are willing to work on it together. As long as you both are on the same page, and like talking these things out, and are in agreement on your personality differences, then I see no reason the relationship can't blossom and be really sweet. As that earthy Taurus, you love his "out there" Aquarian mind and soul, and he really loves your no nonsense practical nature. Make sure you give him time to sort out matters in his own way, be VERY patient, that is a key with him. That will defuse a lot of tension. Whatever you do, don't try to force a resolution in any situation, like "we have to decide this now" kinda thing. Take it easy and slow together, take trips to WATER places, and keep a fluid nice and gentle atmosphere between you.

    Some other things, bring more BLUE colors into your life. Wear blue. or buy some blue art or something... BLUE will be a nice color for you to connect around.

    Since you both have your Mercury in your respective Sun signs is a VERY positive sign that you can work through and communicate well. You both seem to have a willingness to meet and talk things out, which is a strength for the two of you. Just don't expect anything to happen right away. Patience is a key. That and water. And blue.

    Oh, you both have Neptune in Sagittarius, so you both share a similar intuitive way of dealing with life, relying more on insight and flashes of ESP than conscious modes. That is another area you connect in well. So again the mystery realms of Neptune (the sea) is nice here. Buy and aquarium and stock it with a bunch of blue fish, and take trips to where there is water. Or put the aquarium near where your shower is. You get the idea. 🙂

    I hope that gives you something to consider... I am wishing a lovely, peaceful relationship with the two of you!

  • Thank you so much for your kind wishes and for going to s much trouble, I appreciate it very much.

    Funny what you said about water - I live next to a river, and he used to love watching the boats and the birdlife, and we used to feed the swans together. Also he loves fish and aquariums! And blue is my favourite colour and the colour I wear most often. The first present he ever gave me was a silver necklace with a blue stone in the centre. Really, you are quite astonishing with the things you've said...

    Oh well, I hope very much that your good wishes help. All I have to go on that is positive at the moment is tarot cards and what you've just said to me about our charts. I actually daren't look at tarot cards again, I am so scared that things might have changed since last time. I'm trying to be positive, hoping to try to attract positive energy. Everything is very hard at the moment. Thanks so much for giving me hope.

    I hope with all my heart that your wishes help. I am still yet to hear a single word from him and it's now been many weeks. I hope what you said about patience being needed means that this is a sign he is still thinking things through rather than an answer in itself i.e. he is never going to speak to me again.

  • You are not alone in a situation where there has been a fracture or something that has caused a physical distance. I believe these situations are occurring more often these days, as we are all learning how to connect with one another spiritually, and not relying so much on the physical "guarantee" that we have something real. Does that make sense? When you have deep feelings for someone, you have deep feelings, it doesn't matter that they are physically around. Oh, we would LIKE them to be around! However, the human race has a long history of living by sight and not by faith. I believe Heaven is orchestrating a lovely new dawning consciousness about love and relationship (true love I believe it to be) where we are at last FREE of trying to chart our love for one another based so much on the physical/material "proof" of love. You love someone, I don't care that they are on another planet in another galaxy, your love is real and genuine. That understanding then paves the way for the physical to come later, when the spiritual relationship is very solid and secure.

    So you hang in there, keep your lovely thoughts toward him, and believe for bright tomorrows and thus shall you have a bright tomorrow. It is not easy I know, however the growth in your heart from this situation is of heavenly value, more precious than anything in life, and that is trust and a determination to walk in love toward others apart from what the external is showing.

    That is cool about all the water stuff and the blue, you see, Heaven knows your situation! I will keep wishing positive thoughts and wonderful surprises your way. I wish I had a magic wand I would wave it over you and everyone else I know in similar situations and magically make your beloved appear. Maybe one day I can make a wand that can do that, I like making things! i wish I could wave a magic wand over our whole earth and turn everything into Heaven for us all down here.

  • Dear AstraAngel

    Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean so much when the kind thoughts of others are all I really have for comfort at this time. I hope so very, very much that you're right.

    I'm almost tempted to ask you to draw some cards for me, to see how my second letter will be received, but I really am too scared to do that. I'm working on being optimistic at this time, so I'm keeping away from the cards right now; it would be like playing tarot card roulette. :S

    Thanks again. Your kindness and concern mean so much and it's wonderful that you've put that out into the world for the benefit of a complete stranger. I should hope the universe rewards you rightly for it.

  • Dear AstraAngel

    You've been so kind, I don't want to impose on you any further, but since you seem to be very talented at this and seem to have been very accurate so far...I've noticed that you apparently do readings for people on here? Is there any possibility you might be able to do another reading for me? That reading I asked for your second opinion on was done 5 weeks ago this Friday. Is it too soon to ask the cards if there's been any change?

    Thank you.

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