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  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I have read some of your posts and was wondering if you can give me some insight about this man I am seeing right now. I am a bit confuse to if I should proceed more into this relationship or not since we dont really live in the same city and he is a bit younger then I am.

    Please if you can do a reading regards to if this will be worth of a try.

    mine birthday is September 12 1985 and his is January 17 1986

    thank you 🙂

  • Hi cellisi

    Let us see... while pondering your request while shuffling.... even before I could select any cards the EIGHT OF WANDS (rev) popped up, so already there is a sense of motion, swift movement, so I already feel that proceeding is warranted, although we will continue and see how this is supported.

    Behind the Eight of Wands, there is THE LOVERS so there is definitely something going on between you two. What else...

    The THREE OF WANDS, so you are wondering a lot about him, threes are planning something. So your plans are turning around him in some way, do I proceed, what will happen should i do that, how will that affect my plans, these issues are turning in you...

    leading to the FOUR OF SWORDS which is a card of rest and quiet, so the impression I have is that the Universe wants you to rest and relax and know that all will come about in the right time.

    At this moment I heart train horns in the distance, so a sign of movement and travel, so this feels like you can expect some travel coming up, related to this man.

    The QUEEN OF CUPS is a very nice card to see show here... She is all about a true, sincere, healthy love flows around your lives in a wonderful way. She is the mystical love principle at work in your life, and that is great news for you cellisi.

    And THE SUN... something very beautiful dawning for you, a new start almost like a new birth, I can sense some real excitement in you, and according to this card that is warranted!

    I hope that gives you something to consider - to me the message is YES you should follow your heart with this man, no matter how distant. You should pray about it though, seek what is best for you, take your time until you feel it is right... from Heaven's point of view I can hear some cheering and shouts of encouragement!

    Along with this you should take plenty of time out for yourself (four of swords) and rest, sink into heaven's love, while you consider your decisions. The Universe is on your side and supports you know matter what you decide... there is something ...definitely something very very beautiful in love coming you way.

    I will be thinking positive thoughts your way, that this will work out beautifully for you. 🙂

    P.S. I also noticed a jar of Peter Pan peanut butter in my kitchen just now, so this is a nice sign for you also, expect some magic and miracles coming for you.

  • cellisi

    I also compared your two charts, and saw some things for you...

    You are VIrgo, he is Capricorn. So you understand about Capricorns? They are faithful and kind, and very devoted... and he is probably very attracted to your Virgo mysterious, lovely personality, as that is so different than the Capricorns determined, more practical personality. I think they are a nice match.

    Your moon and Venus is in Leo, so the way you express love and your emotions is very down to earth and nurturing, so this appeals to Capricorn. This is also a nice balance to that mystery self you carry as a Virgo.

    He also has his Venus very near his Sun in Capricorn so he probably is a very loving man, and identifies a lot with love as being a very important part of his identity.

    His Mars is in Scorpio so he can be a little hot tempered in a fun way (let's hope), and you have Pluto and Saturn waiting for that in your Scorpio. So it almost sounds to me like you fit him really well, as you are providing some much needed tempering or restraint in his Scorpio/Mars fire.

    Both of your North Nodes (life path/purpose) are in Taurus so both of you are called to become more bullheaded in life, don't take no for an answer, determination, endurance. This is a pretty cool identification you must share with him... on some fundamental level you both understand that you are on a parallel path and this no doubt creates a lot of attraction and mutual affection.

    Also... both of your Chiron keys are in Gemini and that represents a painful broken place that is likewise a place of healing for others. And you have both experienced something related to being able to communicate effectively, or there are areas of life that are hard to convey properly. As long as you both understand that you are dealing with wounds in that part of life, you should be able to overcome any breakdowns of communication by simply remembering that you are working out of a place of woundings there in some way.

    Also... both of your Jupiters are in Aquarius, so you multiple one another greatly in the realm of Aquarian transcendence and spirit. That part of life should really be big, a lot of fun for you! You share a love of forward thinking and imagination, you are both daring to dream big, and are not afraid to step out of the boat when it comes to trying new things.

    So this sounds nice to me, apart from the Chiron issue which should become a mutual touchstone for both of you. Could be incredibly beautiful and tender there as that hurt is ministered to by Heaven though one another.


  • AstraAngel,

    Thank you for the wonderful insight! everything you said is how I feel about this man. I am giving a lot of thoughts into this situation. Also thanks for the comparison of our charts.

    I hope your peter pan peanut butter will bring me some magic.

    I will update you on it 🙂

    thanks again for your wonderful insight

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