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  • Hi Tellstar.

    Please could you have a look at what the future holds for me, in regards to my love life, finances and career? This is very interesting and I look forward to your insight.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Love and Light


  • Paddifluff,

    Ok I scored in the woman with a bangs. Just to clarify, her curly/wavy bangs and like curtains slightly parted at the center. She smiles and content where she is but she's alone. Elsewhere a man stands patiently worried but also testing your commitment. Here's where I get stuck: morally speaking, I would say stay with what he wants and bear with it. This message is just what I think with my background and not intuitively. I think, however, that your situation is not a bad one. You really have choices that you could live with comfortably. If it pulls you strongly to what you desire, go talk to your hubby about it -- not to complain but to suggest an alternative that you could both live with. Of course, anything lucrative business-wise would be desirable. Please comment on this, good or bad, its ok with me. I am practicing and expected wobbly, speaking of intuitive vs intellectual messaging.

  • Saggigirl,

    You love freedom and that is what is bugging you more than the actual places. Between vibrant and quiet you seem more of the first. That is why you're missing it. But the crime and lack of privacy and quiet nature is what you wish to have every now and then. Why not have both worlds by staying close to the vibrant city and live in the less vibrant and visit the big city once in a while. The

  • Hi Tellstar, if it is me and my husband then I am going to suggest he is not testing my commitment to him but to the decision I have made and he is worried because he is afraid I will not see it through. We have been at this point many times and I have pulled back. He wishes this move as intensely as me, and maybe more than me, we just go in to compromise when it comes to the logistics. Re lucrative business deal, we are planning on moving the company as well. Does this resonate with you?

    Hugs to you, I saw your post to Captain, practise makes the master and this forum is a good sounding board, you just need to set your limits first and stick to them. I am afraid to offer my gift because of the flow of people, it is energy consuming and we need some ourselves. I talk to spirits who have passed and am a healer. Maybe I can repay you in kind?


  • Hi Tellstar...

    I am also looking into ways to develop my abilities, so Im curious as to what you see in me. Ive been struggling with the end of my relationship, Id like to get you're perspective as to what you may see in regards to that.

    Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you!

  • Thank you Tellstar. You are right about my urges. But as I see, did your response get published incomplete?

  • Hi Tellstar,

    I'm exploring someone right now. It's easy-going and sweet for the moment. I like him and enjoy his company when we interact. Just wondering what you see of him, and of us?

    Also, do you pick up anything in what I was supposed to do with my life - ideally, if there were no limitations - and also, realistically, moving forward.

    Also a question, how did you realise you had a gift and how does it manifest?

  • Hi Tellstar ,

    I was wondering what you see and feel around me , and if anything major is coming up for me in the near future ?

    Many Thanks in advance love, light and hugs Loap:)

  • Leolou,

    Note that i am just beginning this sort of thing although I've been fascinated with psychic stuff. My dreams are vivid a lot of times but i don't know what to do about them. I do not claim to be psychic but i am testing what i might have. Having said this, take it or not its fine with me but I need your response back good or bad. I see you typing, whether this is an electric typewriter or a computer I don't know. You could check which you prefer. You could be bored with typing like a secretary but you may not be well prepared to be a computer analyst...but you could learn. I do not feel anything about love relationship but it could be coming through a work environment.

  • Saggigirl,

    I see, the last sentence is a little wacky. I only meant that a big city is usually high in crime and the standard of living is pricy. A quiet town, on the other hand, is is less pricy and more secure and probably healthier. Since you are in country setting, see the beauty of it. Go visit the big city every once in a while. You may like the compromise.

  • Paddifluff,

    I feel your gentle caring and quite impressed with your ability. I feel response possible for everything I say on here and it inhibits me a bit. But if I don't try I'll not know what I have and would waste it. That in itself is exhausting. Captain's advise is good but I have yet to learn how to handle it. You should try, too...on me is a good start. With regards to the move I would say proceed with caution but always guard your options. The world economy is wacky right now and maybe so for two more years. It is not just the US that is hurting on so many angles. Nearly the entire world is, for one, because the USA actually has a deep anchor on the world economy and what happens in the US affects many other countries, including China because the US is its biggest market. Small businesses are hit first and that is why you should keep your eyes where it matters.

  • HI Tellstar, I have a thread on the Anything Goes forum called What do you see Paddi, I bumped it up for you. I have always had these gifts but only realised them about a year ago and this thread is my beginners thread. It makes for quite a read.

    You are right, the world economy is gone nuts, it really makes no difference where we live, so Ireland is the safest haven we reckon being an island and as such not attackable by bordering neighbours and it is also one of the few neutral countries (in the case of war). My husband sees opportuities where I see obstacles and takes risks I would never even dream of, and he is usually right with where he takes those risks.

    Hugs to you and if you fancy doing another read for me, I would love to know if you can pick anything up about the location I should go to in Ireland, I am really a bit stumped on this, I have my wishes but too many of them.


  • Hi Tellstar, I have been typing a lot on the computer and someone else said that before also. I have been on computer courses before, as it is something I wanted to learn more about and enjoy. I have been on the computer a lot lately looking for somewhere to rent as I have to move out by the 4 th of October and also been looking for help with funding for my Counselling course online, so been writing lots of emails. I don't think I'd like to go as far as a computer analyst, even though I get restless and enjoy a challenge, its not for me. My love life is settled at the moment, we did go through a rough patch, but things seem a lot more harmonious now. Funny you should say though about someone in a work environment, because there is someone at work who I think secretly fancies me, but I would never go there because I am faithful, but that is what you are probably picking up on.

    As for a beginner I think your pretty good, thank you very much for taking the time to practice on me. If you get anything about how the move is going to go or/and getting help with funding, please do let me know.

    Once again, many thanks and God bless.

    Love and Light


  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks Tellstar! I understand the tug-of-war between the freedom and quietude urges 🙂 Trying to balance them out and I think I have a decent enough perspective to work on. You are right, it is the freedom I miss more than the city as such, and I also know that living that freedom is not the call of my life right now. It will come again when it I am more capable to using it constructively. I live in a equally crowded city though it is smaller and very different culturally and not a metro that I've left behind. But those things are not important. What is important is that I have lessons to learn in this city and the freedom I yearn can wait until earned. Thank you so much for your insight Tellstar.

  • Hello, Tellstar!

    I hope this workout is making your psychic-muscles feel strengthened! 😛

    If you've got time, could you practice on me??

    Anything that comes to mind!



  • Paddifluff,

    I lost my response to your last message. I thought of Ireland but hesitated to say so and when you mentioned it I got confirmation. It isn't the big city. It is more like off the city setting.

    since you talk to the dead, I've been wondering what happened to a cousin of mine would disappeared long ago when my country was in turmoil. We were both activists. I got out of the country. He didn't and hasn't been seen for at least 30 yrs now. He had a feud with his dad when we were young and left home. Any vibes on this? Thanks.

  • Saggigirl,

    Patience and a different kind of freedom.

  • Dmick,

    Very interesting analogy.

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