Psychic Workout

  • thats quite nice,though i am not actually sure about being a comedic act though,i have never ever thought about that at u see anything in the arena of romance ?(if it seems like forcing too much,its ok)

    n tellstar, i really hope your able to develop your abilities and shine like a star too...

  • Hello again Tellstar 🙂 I am glad you are back!

    Please don't forget my post. Thanks in Advance 😉

  • StandingTall,

    I'm very sorry for the delay. I've been extremely busy and too focused on the jpb. I'm sorry I'm unable to meditate lately. will get back to you when I have something. Sorry.

  • Tellstar,

    My 18 yr old son is really going through an awful time right now concerning his girlfriend/fiance, could you please tell me if she will be okay and anything else that you feel important about him or her?

    I am at a loss as what to do or say. I seem to be emotional about her (crying) when I'm alone and I'm not one to "be" this way so why now?

    Also, if this isn't too many questions, will I get a job at one of the local schools where I live and when? Is this where I should be (working) ?

    Thank you for any info that could help me and bless you for helping us all here.


  • No problem, your job comes first! I am eager to read what you have to say when you are available 🙂

  • Hi Tellstar,

    As you know i dont mind waiting, just a little bump ok

    Hope your well.


  • Hello guys,

    I've read your messages and would like to help but I have been occupied with my very sick dog the past few days. He's critical and I hope his meds will cure him. Thanks for your understanding.

  • Tellstar,

    B says that she needs some space. I'm kind of feeling a vibe that worries me, like we won't be friends again, and like we'll especially never be more than that. We've also lost a lot of our closeness since her sister moved in with her about a month ago. I definitely want to give her the space she needs for a while, but past that, I don't know what to do. I love her, and I want everything to be good between us again.

    What do you think/feel?



  • Hi Tellstar, and to all

    How is your dog? Has the practice been good so far.

    What can you tell me a bout my love life? Financials? Will I relocate and where? What can you tell me?

    I wish you luck. Have a wonderful week


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