Psychic Workout

  • Scully,

    I thought I've responded to this but may have simply dreamed it. The staff is changing after realizing that she has no way to go up but through me. Whatever, I only hope that the work is not interrupted by pettiness.

  • Hi Neptune,

    You need to communicate with her and make her feel wanted. She's more than mildly "in like" with you. Does this make sense to you?

  • Hi Tellstar,

    Will I reconcile with B? Where does the path lead?

  • Danceur,

    I'm sorry for the delay in responding to you. Its been crazy busy at work, lots of pressure, too. I'm no fully trusting my intuition lately, but I see a young woman alone in a dark room or house when I think of you. I see her only but she's looking at something or someone I'm not seeing and she's smiling. I hope it helps. ( Don;t believe. I could be wrong. Communicate with him. What you get there will be real thing.)

  • Hi Tellstar,

    Sweetie, don't feel pressured to give a reading! It's ok 🙂

    I know too well what it feels like to be crazy busy.

    I don't know what you mean.. I do use the PC early in the mornings, and the house is dark and everything. If that's what you saw. Not been smiling much with regards to this issue. Unfortunately I can't talk to him. He's off in his own world.

  • hi tellstar, if u have time, i would like to have a reading from you.

    i have been trying to find a job but so far, no luck yet! do u see me find a job sometime soon? like within the next couple months?

    also, regarding my relationship.. do u see us getting engaged this yr? if yes, which month probably?

    thank you! looking forward to hearing from u!

  • Hi Tellstar,

    I'm in love with this girl (B). I am sure of that. What I am not sure of is what to do next, or what she wants me to do, or if she feels the same way.

    You answered a similar question for me about the same girl a couple of weeks ago, but some things have changed a little. Also, when you said I need to communicate with her and make her feel wanted.... could you elaborate at all?

  • Neptune,

    I feel she loves you and waits for you to make a move. You have a situation and she wants to see and hear from you what you would do about it. Much as she wants to she will keep her reserve because she's a good and proper person. When you have really made that decision you need to tell her your wishes and make plans with her as the situation warrants. Good luck.

  • Tellstar

    Im seeking some guidance if that is alright. I have grown up around relationships that tend to fall apart. My parents are split up. my moms parents split up. and my grandparents are together but in my eyes aren't very happy together. Its pretty much all ive been expoed to I on the other hand have been in a relationship for 7 years and i am very happy but i get pretty scared sometimes bc it is my only relationship ive ever been in and i dont want 20 yrs to come and it come down to what everyone else has. So my question is is the person i am with now looking towards moving in together or gettin engaged ... anything. Any guidance would be great.

  • hi tellstar, you missed my post ;(

  • Hi Hll,

    I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to ignore you. I just don't have any idea what to advise you at this time. Keep faith that you will find a job soon and keep looking.

  • Jamie3,

    Much as I want to answer this question psychically, I can't. But I have a practical suggestion. The fact that you are aware of the chain of break ups in your family makes you stronger at making your present relationship strong. If you are happy it means that you ay have broken the chain and shouldn't worry about what ifs. Be positive and positive things will surround you. Be happy and happiness will be around you. Trust your partner and trust will be around you. Love and love will surround you. Take care.

  • Hi Tellstar

    Could u pratice with me, can u tell me if u see me an E. meeting again?

    And do u see me getting a permanent job were Im working today?

    Thanks and take your time I can wait.

  • Hi Tellstar,

    Hows you, i see a dim lighting? seeing the path, im sure im on my way now?

  • scully,

    I am happy for you. Have a good trip. I have been crazy busy at work. Take care.

  • Tellstar.

    Just turn age, any good advice?

  • Scully21,

    You have a beautiful big smile. For me it means that things will be ok. There are trees in the background representing return to life in spring. Enjoy your surrounding.

  • Greetings Tellstar,

    I have 2 questions and one of the questions I have given up on but still something inside me wants me to ask.

    So question one is: What job, career do you see me pursuing, or will I find a job in the next month?

    My second question (the special question lol): What kind of location to you see my mom's youngest brother at? Is he alive or dead? Or any other things you see about him would be great.

  • Soulmusic,

    I get bakery for Q # 1 and Tribecca for Q #2. Do they make sense to you?

  • Hi Tellstar,

    I have a new man in my life, very early days,

    Do you have any feel on this?

    Love light Scully.

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