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  • I'm 20 years old and i have th knowledge of the old!!! i wanna share it with the world, please check out to my video!!! : The Key To Happiness, The Key To Life !!!!

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  • Hi Tellstar, 2 more questions lol.

    Where is the nose ring that my ex gave me right now(perhaps adding which room it's in would also be helpful)?

    Have I met my soulmate/twinflame yet and what year(or year range) was he born in, and would you know his sun sign ?

  • Hi Tellstar,

    May I know if I can get an interview with K company in June or July? Thanks!

  • Hey Tellstar..Do u get any insights on my man??infact kind of X now

  • Hello! My Name is Taleb, I go by, MySelf. I have been on a journey to find my path for 3 years now, and finally i have obatined the knowledge of the old. Im 20 years old, and i hope to share this information to the world, i wanna do it through means of benig a REAL MC. Please check out my blog, and be sure to check out my first video to the series i am going to start! Please share and pass around, I WILL BE ONE OF THE VOICES FOR THE YOUTH FOR A BRIGHTER TOMORROW! Please help me, everyone has a role, no one is better than the other. THank you so much. The Key To Happiness, The Key To Life

  • MySelfEnlightenmentblogspot, you speak the truth! I checked out your blog and have to say I love your words of wisdom. You have an awareness like no other. Hope you blog more and is there another way to get in touch with you?

  • Tellstar Thanks for your time & energy on my behalf. What insights do you have of my relationship w S, what's happening with him? He seems confused/conflicted

  • amused59,

    I am pretty sure I answered your query twice but none are posted. I don't know what's going on. Here's a third try. I see you with a little boy. You are both in the light. I see a man in the dark facing the other way. If this means that he's not ready to face you let go. Your face is bright which to me means a bright future. Embrace it.

  • Hello Tellstar I hope that all is well with you;

    I was wondering if you see me getting the Staffing Coordinator position with the (S) company ?

    I also was wondering, if you see me having communication with my exboyfriend (G) within the next 30 days? If no, could you please tell me in what month I will hear from (G)?

    D.O.B. APRIL 21, 1973.


  • Tellstar

    Thank you. This helps me quite a bit....yes, I will embrace my future & move forward.

    Blessed Be

  • Tellstar

    What do u get about my career and life in general

  • hello tellstar...i have been following the thread,and you have got so good at reading now...great work....mind if i ask a question? i want to go to another country and attain fame in the entertainment field there...i also want to find romance and you see anything regarding these ?

  • Gemmini,

    Thanks for your patience. These things do not come to me easily. Sometimes I have something to say. Sometimes I don't. For you I hear that you will be busy/ are busy singing w/ a guitar on your hand. Does this make sense to you?

  • tellstar,hey...nice to see you back

  • Larajj90,

    Are you a comedian? People will delight in your jokes. You are multi talented. The US will enjoy this talent. When and where are you going? I get March and Australia. Makes sense to you?

  • australia?...well,dear,am not really a comedian but people tell me i am witty and occassionally i crack jokes or make comments that send people into peals of laughter...and i was planning on going to usa or uk for my masters and i actually wanted to enter the entertainment field,as in acting or singing in usa and south korea...australia was never part of the plan but march next year ..the timing makes sense as i wanted to visit the colleges before i join

  • Hi Tellstar,

    Nice to see you'r back,

    How do you see my future career ideas?

    I did ask too, what about me and SK just Ancientnesses?


  • hey,tellstar you get anything about singing in a group or acting or anything korean related in your readings?...cos yes,the multitalented part and the march part might just be right..but australia threw me off..i mean,i wouldnt even pick australia as a holiday destination(no offence meant to any australians,lol)

  • Larajj90,

    Cannot force these things. I see you on stage spotlighted acting alone and people are delighted. Is it Korean stage? I don't know but the people appear to be caucasian. You seem to do other things but in comedy you shine.

  • Hi Tellstar

    Can you please help me with 3 issues?

    1st I used to have a strong connection with the spirit world, but I never got what they really wanted from me and suddenly I don’t feel that connection anymore, probably because in these couple weeks I have been feeling really tired and apathetic. Can you tell me if they have a message for me?

    2nd My job is concerning me, what do you see me doing in 4 months, because I think Im going to leave this job I am now.

    3rd what it will be the outcome if I contact this guy I want answers from, will he answer me or does he wishes for us to be in contact again, what are his feelings for me now? What were his feelings for me while we were together?

    Im sorry I know it’s a lot to ask for, but this is bothering me for so long and I feel so stuck, I really do appreciate your help, thank you.

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