Psychic Workout

  • Hi Tellstar,

    Hope your feeling better?

    I've been looking at my physic book and practising a bit,, i just need to find some real quiet time to relax on that, i have a break from work soon and after party i will take some solitude time.

    Im still try to work on my connection with him.. im nit sure how much is pure physical, emotionally, but i feel that under belly and it feel like our dark sides connect momentary.

  • Hi Scully,

    I am very distracted at the moment. Continue practicing. Meditation and quiet time helps a lot. You could practice on me. My girlfriend's hubby had a cancer surgery last week. Cancer spread a little. Will he recover? I don't know how she's taking it.

  • HUGS Tellstar 🙂

  • Hi Tellstar,

    My first intuition he will recover momentarily.. he will have to look after himself more, he does not bode well on that,

    I see a big faced man who is bloated but drained of energy, that come from the treatment, i dont feel he totally accepting what this all truly means to his health,

  • Scully, My friend's husband has now returned home but they are all quiet. You're saying he'll recover momentarily. My nurse friend says that when cancer spreads to another body organ there is little to no chance of cure. Thanks for your message.

  • Tellstar I missed your response a couple of weeks ago that you see me sailing with a cool setting sun which I assume by the water. I don't sail but my favorite place to just sit overlooks the lake to the west. Perhaps you picked me up in my kitchen area. Sailing would be out for right now as I live in the north. (or did you mean going to sales) and that would be correct.

  • Tellstar just be there for your friend. They are frightened regarding the diagnosis and looking for answers Sending you healing white energy to pass to your friends. ABP

  • Hi Tellstar, if your up for more practice than I'd love to participate 😃

    I need to know if I'm on the right track with things, I want to be with my guy and change jobs but there seems to be obstacles everywhere e.g. job, unemployed kids, finances


    Thanking you in advance

  • Hi Tellstar Am sorry to hear of your friends husband. Being sensitive to other's energy probably is difficult at times like this when loved ones of friends are suffering.

    I have a great PA that has looked over my kids for many years..he has fought cancer for years...prayers help takes a great deal of concentration to fight it ..may angels be holding you in their wings, and those souls of your dear ones.

  • Hi Tellstar,

    Thinking of you at this time.

    I have just had the most vivid thought, i have been punting together in my head and on paper our connection, i will get back to that.

    I see him sitting in a chair cold with blanket around him, all alone, rough looking not shaven i have feel its a long way in time yet he doesn't look any older, eyes are empty from regrets, shaking through cold and hunger of the emptiness he has done pasts pains he caused. I feel so sad for him, make me want to cry, i know lies he told but he will always have place in my heart and this make me feel like this.

  • Scully,

    I lost track of this one. But I know that you will be fine. Pixie dust your way.

  • Tellstar,

    Is this a moment of Physic

    This happened a few minutes ago, i know we talked about this, i have felt some connection with him and i been try to work on that, through talk to tell star, s i have just been sensitive to it, been jotting down what it was between us.

    I had this vivd future imagination come trough.

    I see him being in a old chair wrapped in a old blanket, him his self does not look much older just the gruff ( unshaven) looks so lost cold and lonely, the feel he lost everything he once had.

  • Scully21,

    Who is the guy wrapped in old blanket? Is this your friend or mine?

  • Tellstar,

    He was my friend... One who i felt a connection too, turns out he is a total liar and manipulative.

  • Scully21,

    I am sorry to hear about it. Let karma handle it. I know of two people who fit the thermal blanket although the reasons they do are different. Take care.

  • Tellstar..

    So what's the Thermal blanket then?.. either you meant to be kept warm together.. or alone if not?

    I think my vivid vision was a bit of my physic feel,, as been talking to someone close to him and i was writing at the time it came to me. I will let Karma deal from now on.

    How are things going with your friend?..

    Take care too.

  • Scully21,

    I have not heard from my friend. I feel he's not happy where he is. My girlfriend's hubby is the other guy I worry about who went through serious surgery. The seeing them in thermal blankets represent how they feel.

    I am tired but I feel what I am supposed to do is getting done slowly.

  • Tellstar,

    In the next life, we shall be good friends, just that.. now i know we would work well been just that.

    The care love i have, is in no ones exceptionable apart from mine..


  • Still doing the psychic workout? If you are, I have a friend and I like him but Im not sure he feels the same way. I mean we talk and laugh and to me, the connection is deep. Wonder if Im settting up myself for heartbreak.

  • Happy birthday Tellstar,

    Love light.

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