Psychic Workout

  • For many years I have been enjoying vivid dreams and do not know what to do with them. Psychics tell me that I have psychic ability and should develop it. I've looked into avenues and options regarding this. Finally, this forum's favorite, Captain, suggests something doable, that is to test yourself on family and ask them if my intuition is right. My family's far away and unconnected electronically. So, I think this forum could serve my need. So, here goes folks. Ask anything and I will try to help. This workout is open to everyone including the psychics. Maybe the seasoned psychics could couch a little bit. Smile and let's do a workout.

  • Hi Tellstar, i'd like to ask you what the lesson is for me from the experience with the man on my mind (A)?

  • Is his hair curly black? Late 20s or early 30s? Do you love the outdoors? ( I see a woman loving the sun on her face.) Setting must be on a beach. He wears swimming trunks (printed fabric) loving the beach, too. Very relaxed environment. If this is all true, I guess you're happy or is it your wish to be happy in this way? I'd love for you to comment on what i said. You could give me a score.


  • Thank you Tellstar, yeah, his hair is curly black and i do love the sun touching my face. 🙂

    he's 44 though and the idea of me, him and the beach doesn't resonate with me. 🙂 that was not the environment in which we used to meet. The man is no longer part of my life but i'm still looking for the answer to the question: why did we meet?, what was i supposed to learn from this experience?

    Thanks Tellstar for trying. 🙂

    i'm sure you have a gift, keep trying, All the best to you. 🙂

  • Moonalisa,

    Thanks for the response. Great 🙂 scored "1" on the hair. Is your hair light ( like dark blonde>)? You are calm. So, you must have accepted this separation. My impression of you and him were two individuals both relaxed but alone. I now see why with your last response. He is youthful looking. He likes to have fun. Why the beach? While I see the beach behind him, I only see your face brushed by the sun and breeze. Why did you have to meet him? I think he finds you attractive and a source of delight and it was a validation for you. He's just having fun now. Some men just love to flutter around like butterflies. You are mature and he is not there yet to settle.

  • ok Tellstar my turn, my move to my home country, planned for the end of this year, is it good timing and what impact will it have on my marriage?

    Thank you for sharing your gift, it is all about trusting yourself.

    xx Paddi

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Paddifluff,

    I see a woman with brown curly hair, bangs and a big smile. There is vegetation around and a house in the background. I don't see anybody else. There is water like a creek but not far there is big water. What does it mean to you? I'll come back if there's anything else I could share here. Smile and consider your options carefully.

  • Dmick59,

    I don't consider myself psychic (yet). I'm only testing water here. But it feels good to interact with people and see images. I see you in an airplane and looking out the window. Do you wear eyeglasses? Looks like destination is a big city. The city is surrounded with water and you might be closer to this water. Be good for you to have the best of both worlds, like Manhattan is great because it is a big city and you turn around and see the Hudson River or the Atlantic. Take care. I would appreciate any comment good or bad. Way to learn.

  • Hi Tellstar, you can practice on me! I am looking for a path, I don't know what I would want to study, or be good at carrer or education wise if I go back and do that, see anything for that?

  • Hi bluecat123,

    Are you good with your hands? Decorating homes and offices are lucrative lately. Wiil appreciate any comment from you, god or bad.

  • Your accurate. I am defintlly more on the creative side then anything too technical. I've been told I should do makeup, but I'm not sure exactly , I do like anything to do with furniture or decor yes!

  • I have a less important but curious question if you don't mind. I recently communicated with a long ago acquaintance, I think they are sort of flirting, but I can't tell if they are sincere or just flirting to be flirting? They asked me lot of questions but don't seem to like to answer the same questions not that I asked to many, I never ask anything I don't want to answer myself:) Can you tell anything about that? oh do you need bdays? mines July 17th,77 I think the other is Aug. 7th, 75 thanks!

  • Bluecat,

    Thanks for your response. Check the craft stores near you. They usually need crafty people to do demonstrations or may ask you to do craft work to sell in the store. You seem good at it. You may even enjoy the experience and the income.

  • What comes to mind is to listen cautiously. He is interested and exploring your reaction. Take it slowly with no expectations until the picture is clearer as to where he is going with it. He's not sure either. At this time he's simply enjoying the "flirting."

  • I see, I think your right on TellStar! I'm not sure how to react honestly, just trying to be myself, hes a little larger then life to me, probably left over from a little crush I had on him as young teen he never knew or paid much mind too. I'm wondering if hes taking his time messaging back purposfully as well, seems to playing a little:)

  • Tellstar that is a great idea, aboutthe craft stores, I hadn't thought of that, I know theres things out there I haven't begin to think of, thank you so much, that was very accurate for something I would be interested in!

  • Hi Tellstar, hmmm could be one thing or another. The brown curly hair with bangs vould be me, my hair is brown and more wavy than curly but I don't have bangs. The house with vegetation and creek nearby, well that could be either the pub down the road from where my brother lives, big water would be the sea which is not so far away from there, like 5 minutes by car, and the present owner does indeed fit your description. The pub is not doing so well at the moment. Pub as in bar. It could also be a house we looked at when we were there last Jan, though there is no creek directly near that house. The owner does fit the description though. But that is what I would like it to be. I do not know any other place near a body of water.

    The strong competition to my home country is my husband's home country where he is working. Can you pick up anything else?

    Hugs Paddi

  • PS there are too many options

  • Tellstar, I have a question for you. I moved cities a year back. It was meant to be temporary but I trusted my intuition and stayed on because I knew there were lessons to learn here and if I moved back to my beloved city I'd be running away. It was a good decision and well-guided but the pain of missing the energy, vibrancy and culture of the city I have left behind is sometimes too much. Do you see me able to move back there anytime in the future? Guess, I am simply looking for signs to maybe let go of that city and accept my present city as my future and build my life around it...

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