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  • Can anyone give advice on how a leo man thinks I met one a few years ago an went on a date with this guy (we have mutal friends) Id been widowed a long time and he had separated from his wife a few months earlier..We had a great night and he was very excited about a relationship with me,he told me he had noticed me years earlier an to be honest id noticed him too but he was married at the time so we didnt do anything about it.We arranged a second date but i took cold feet ( i really liked the guy and felt so comfortable with him but think i panicked at the thought of someone taking my late husbands place and also how my kids would react) anyhow i called off the second date.This guy told friends he was gutted and i know how hurt he would have been as he,d told them how well we,d gotten on and how wonderful he thought i was .Problem is i havn,t stopped thinking about him an really regret what i did,he has gone back to live with his wife as she was ill but has told friends he,s not happy an wants to move out again now that shes recovering but hasn,t made the move yet (he and his wife were on good terms even when they were separated)I get the feeling he still really likes me but to be honest dont know if he,d trust me not to panic again .Should i try to forget about him or what do you think he,s thinking.

  • Hetty dear, honor his wife and do not enter into a relationship with this man until he takes care of his current business and relationship and is truly uncommitted andf free.(divorced)

    You would want your man to honor your dignity were you in her place.

    Start off on a free, clean, and pure foundationand and build a fantastic relationship from there.

    Maybe your panic was actually your intuition saying something wasn't quite right. Dont doubt your intuition or beat yourself up over it.I wish you the best.

  • thanks for your help think your right in what you have said,dont think he,s the type of guy though who would do anything while he was with his wife and if he was i wouldn,t want him ,and i do think he has alot of respect for me ,when i said she was ill i should have said she had a badly broken arm an needed an opp and couldnt drive etc ,do think their relationship is more brother an sister as she helped him set up home etc and cooked a meal for him now and then and they seemed to get on better apart,was just concerned i was putting my life on hold waiting an maybe i had blew it with him after the way i let him down(i didn,t really know him much before we went out and have gotten to like him an know more about him since in a friendly way only.

  • I have befriended in my past a man who had the same type of relationship with his wife....actually...more than one...two...that stated they loved their wives...but it was more brother/sister than lovers.They both loved to flirt.

    I believe their relationships deteriorated because of lack of sexual intimacy, which sometimes stems from lack of emotional trust, sometimes from boredom, sometimes because one or the other just gets tired of being the one to instigate the process of sexual fulfillment and romance.

    Usually it happens because someone's needs aren't being met, either physically or emotionally.

    These men I have known for years....and niether one has left his wife.

    I dont believe your situation has anything to do with how you have responded, and I do think your intuition was giving you a heads up.

    Yes, these type of men make better casual friends.

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