Weather predictions?

  • I'm thinking that Katia may be a force, though it looks as if it could veer to the north east. My hesitation is that it may hit the already drastically flooded northeast shoreline, as if there is intent and purpose .

    We have been riding the tide of technology for so long so fast we have forgotten where we came from....I am wondering if Mother Earth is trying to wake us up

  • Hi patchlove, at a gathering last year (native ceremony), a grand mother predicted that this year would be the year of "wind", the shifting of many things, animals and peoples outlook on life. Mother Earth has thought us alot and no, we as humans don't listen. The Mayan's believe that we are in the fourth world, this world is one of change and maybe our last hope for continuum.


  • I saw the weather report a little while ago on Katia & she has shifted slightly west. I have been feeling very invigiorating with the winds that are coming from the thunderstorms lately But I also feel edgey like something major is going on and I am waitingfor something to happen (i am not sure if i am saying this right) I have also noticed when I look at the clock it is either 12:12 or 12:21 not sure if they are pointing me to these dates & I still see all the 11's ex: 1:11 2:11 and so on

    so I don't know what is going on but I really don't feel scared just kinda edgey

  • Thank you Scorp and Shadow.

    I agree...change is in the air...and not only because we hear it..we do feel it

    With 9-11 looming, I'm sure that plays a role as well...but, like yourselves, it feels bigger than that

    bigger than all of us

    Like the song sings... Anticipaaaaation..its keeping me waiting


  • lolol 🙂

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