Can anybody help please?

  • These are the cards I drew. In the celtic cross.

    4 coins

    8 cups, Lovers, hight preistess, 6 wands, king swords

    3 swords

    the four side vertical cards were


    7 wands

    ace wands

    4 cups

    thanks for help in advance x

  • U have a balance of the suits, wich covers all areas mental, emotional, physical and larger goals, The incereased amount of swords says that during the current time period there is a lot of conflict with regard to your concern, I would interpret the vertical cards to say that there will be there will be movement in your favor in the near future and ultimately vindication in the long run (STAR card)

  • thank you that makes some sense to me 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

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