What is wrong with the Cancer

  • What Cancer Man wanted to me.I was told by this guy that I ve done the right thing he asking me to stop contacting him though I really wanted to do that cos I've hurt so much and loose myself respect , self confidence, verbally abused and used me . I get sick and lost so much weight physically mentally drained. All of a such then leaving me a voice mail telling me that he needs to get the address of the girl he used to chat in a dating shit and it cos him a lot of trouble keep talking so much shit about what happen to us. Unfortunately the girl that he used to chat was my bestfriend stalker . I said to him before not to chatted with her cos she talks so much about me which is too wrong and unfair on my side . He said to me that everything she said about him was lied since I am not interested in everything he said cos it's over and than. I asking to ignored her 50 SMS or 100 phone call or missed call instead his answering the mobile and get upset . I was blaming that I fueled the girl which is not true if he listen to me before it won't gonna happen . I said to him I'm felt sorry for him cos the girl keep annoying him and his getting affected cos he can't sleep and need to turn off his mobile and work getting affected . When he left the voice mail early in the morning the way he approached me was so polite and his last words is a bit concern hope all is well to me . I called him back and desperately needed the address of her stalker .I advice him to report that harassing call which he do harass me before and threatening me to kill. I'm afraid that he can't control his emotion and might do the wrong move and said to him don't put his self lower than that. But he said it's been four month and we both do he right thing to not be in touch cos he need to be alone and telling me that his having a girlfriend. I said tell everything cos I'm sure she will understand everything if she really love him for sure with open arms it will understandable. I said to him that I'm happy for him and I congratulate him. I said to him if I done some stupidity before I hope he will forgive me . I was shocked when he sounds so mad and telling me no matter what deep is my pocket I can't please or beg him to forgive me cos it cost me a lot and he only please myself . I don't really know why his getting mean to me . I swear to God he makes me believe that he was single didn't even realized his having long distance relationship and when his girlfriend find out I'm the one to blame I was silly to pleasing him before and it takes awhile to let him go though his telling me that I ruined his life and keep calling me names. I don't really know but I felt sorry for him until now he want me to carry the burden that he did. To make the story short I tried my best to put the girl in proper situation for all I know I'm not guilty cos I never done the wrong thing the only thing that Iade mistake was to believed everything he said till I fell inlove with him before . I said to him I find myself guilty cos if I only knew that his having relationship I wouldn't get closer to him and allow him to put me down and hated myself to see in that terrible situation. I fixed everything and said to him all good and no one will bothering him he just send me message and said goodbye and the only thing that I reply was bye . I'm not mad nor holding a grudge against him not at all but he was great to fooling my leg that it was my own fault and he had nothing to do with that . I hope sooner or later he will learn how to forgive his self and people once on his life make him happy . I have nothing to him but to find his own happiness in life .

  • Hi annie, well from what I can understand...is you have been there for him way too much. Most Cancer men are hard to follow, they shift easily, yes some are nice and have a good heart, but this guy just sounds like a victim...always complaining, oh poor me! As a man, he needs to stand up to recognise his own faults and fix them. Did you know that mostly strong woman attract weak men? yes it's true. He sounds like he had issues with his mother or a past girlfriend and now all woman will pay. Well let me tell you, you should stay away altogether, he is toxic. You need to let go, for good. That is if you love yourself enough to do it?!


  • Thank you Scorpwolf, I am now starting doing my own thing and I reapply wanted to get rid him in my life.I put my all and I don't want him anymore and don't want and kind of relationshp with him even friendship and that's what he wants to but sometimes he never understand that I already move on and I got nothing to do with him. After all this time I'll try and tried to win him and tried to show him not to get mad and do the right thing to forgive everyone in the past and free his self to any anger that he has. It's true his like to pay every dingle woman that he will have in his life. I remember before when I'm trying to please him he said to me that once upon a time he used to be nice but now his cock. I know he had a good heart but before his killing me again of his wrong attitude I'd rather go and run away on him even on my dream or his shadow I really don't want to be connected or see him again. I'm not mad at him but yes I carry his burdened that I didn't deserved cps I do nothing wrong with him instead loving him the best of I can give to him but know I wanted to free my self to him and I already did. I can say that his the worst person that I ever meet in this world but armrest I tried my very best not to get mad and take out all the anger and hatred in his heart but now his having a new girlfriend I'm happy with him and I congratulated him but I don't want to hear anything about him .I'm done and I got my own thing to do and fixed up my life. The last thing that I can give to him is my prayer to be safe and have the best of everything in his whole life.

  • Well done annielan...take care of your heart before anyone elses.

    ScorpWolf 🙂

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