Leo Lady an Libra man can this work?

  • Hi I was wondering if a relationship between a Leo lady and Libra man can work out for the best..... please I can use all the help I can get... my love life stinks right now..

    Thanks :0(

  • Moonraiz,

    If your love life stinks than lets clean it up for you. First of all it takes two to make a relationship work. Are you ready to give your fair share, or are you looking for a knight in shining armor?

    A libra and Leo should be able to make a good relationship form since the libra can bring balance, however the leo likes to have excitment and be center of attention by nature.

    Work on thinking postive and not jumping feet first into an intimate relationship which is so many's mistake these days. I feel like you can take this relationship as far as you want it to go with some forethought and soul searching.


  • Thanks Shubby :0)

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