Can someone please help me interpret Tarot spread for me

  • My question when doing my spread was about a man I have met who keeps going cold on me, sometimes he's great with me the next minute he is saying that his head is all over place and he doesnt no what he wants, He can be quite nasty at times if it helps my D.O.B is 29/12/89 and his is 23/05/1988. The Cards were

    1. The past and the influence the past still has on your question (3 of swords reversed)

    2. Obstacles in your path (nine of swords reversed)

    3. Influences working in your favour (2 of pentacles)

    4. The near future (3 of pentacles)

    5. The long term future (the empress)

    6. The eventual outcome in your life (the devil)

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