First tarot spread, need help interpreting please!

  • i am a complete begginer i did study the meanings of the cards and i also tried my best to interpret them. i did this in a celtic cross spread. i wrote down my interpretation based on what i saw and i just want to verify with a more experienced tarot reader. 🙂

    here are the cards

    1. 10 of pentacles

    2. judgement

    3. 8 wands

    4. 8 pentacles

    5. the star

    6. 1 swords

    7. 9 cups

    8. 8 cups

    9. 7 cups

    10. 6 cups

    any help would be greatly appreciated for a begginer, it will help me with my studies.


  • hello Diaboli

    I will give this a shot.....

    okay I feel some finacial stability coming your way maybe through family like money that has been passed down or something in that nature it may not be a large amount but something that will keep you stable.... a comfy foundation if you will.... something that you have been questioning will be brought to the table.. what you sow you shall reap... this may be a time that you may want to start new beginnings ... your health may be improving at this time and you may even feel rejuvenated You must know the difference of your feelings to determine how you will deal with certain situations that may aware of a shift in energy if you have been having some setbacks in some areas of you life they may very well be mended.... you may also get some good news maybe traveling by plane ....not sure if you are in school or thinking about it but I see you learning a skill may even be new... use your creativity to help gain financial stability..I see you hard at work studying even with large rewards to come of it.... have faith that better times are head..this may be a healing period if you are in a relationship I see harmony and a good future to follow must have confidence to leave the past behind and look forward to the future knowing better things are to come destined even....cont

  • me again my PC acts up lol

    cont... victory over difficulties you must think with clarity letting no one cloud your judgement NO ONE.. you must maintain your inner strength to overcome a certain situation which may set you back.. but keeping to your clarity and inner strength you shall over come any obstacle that comes your way....JUST KNOW YOU WERE MENT TO SUCCEED can gain victory through your own actions.... I feel like something you feel sooo strong about may come to fulfillment either emotional fulfillment or material fulfillment .... this is a time you may feel well pleased.... you may also feel abandonment to walk away from a situation is always a choice might bring upon some disappointment as if you choose to turn your back and walk away from a certain situation..this may also be something that has held you back for a long time due to you being extremely involved emotionally you may fin it hard to walk away...a new path will present it's self.... you may be approaching a time where many choices are possible this maybe an overwhelming feeling but you must look at it in a practical manner view each choice to the fullest and decide what path to choose.... you my also come into a BLAST FROM THE PAST something from the past that may resurface something that affected you emotionally maybe something you feel passionate it can be any area of your life not just love...this blast may even bring happiness and satisfaction..... if you are stuck in the past please just let it go for this may halt your walk to your very own destiny..........

    I hope this has helped you.... many blessing LOVE LIGHT


  • well maybe do you think that they are telling me to get over my ex? we broke up like 3 months ago..and i think she still has feelings for me.. but her situation with her parents she cannot have a partner, is that what i need to get over? i think it seems like it...

    and i thought card 7 was supposed to be a fear, and i know that 9 of cups is a positive card but since it showed up as a fear my conclusion was to not party too much? haha which i dont even do, and something with material things.

    but i thought card 8,was how another person viewed me, and i thought that it was my ex seeing me as just giving up on her and walking away, because when we broke up i stopped talking to her so i won't cause problems between her and her family.

    and with the 7 of cups i interpreted that i had to choose beetween this or that, and based on that it would lead to card 10, with a renewed love? this is exactly what i wrote when i interpreted the cards:

    Q: how soon will i get my car? i asked this because i have been working hard for a car cause i need one for my job and whatnot.

    and this is what i wrote when the cards came up:

    "i will have good fortune because of my good karma and judgement. i have had though times in the past but now money should come in from a new job or skill. i will have an optimistic attitude toward things and defeat whatever and whoever is in my path, i will precail. i cannot get carried away with material things because they wont last forever. Others have thought and seen me walk away but in reality i didnt, i hope that the path i choose will bring me happyness and because of that path i decide to take an old love will be revived."

    thanks again for interpreting the cards and for reading this again, i think i might of gotten some things correct but i will need to practice on my reading. this was my first reading too so i got a long way to go.

  • To be honest with you I had no idea of your questions just took it on as a general reading.. as you can see in my reading to you it say's something about new beginnings and something that have been thinking hard about will surface.. sometimes we do not get the answers that we want but we get the answers we need... please be open minded with the reading i gave you... when reading cards yes i go by the card itself but i also go on the feelings that i get while i am focusing on the card...... many blessing hope everything works out in your favor...

  • ohh yeah, i know the cards were going to show me something different. and i just tried interpreting them to the best of my ability so far. and thanks that really helped a lot i appreciate it, i will try to interpret them even better now and i will keep on writing my interpretations 🙂

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