Lost Promise Ring

  • Hi Guys~

    I've been a LONG time reader of this forum, and decided today it's time to post with my question..

    A couple of weeks ago my ring (too large, silly weight loss) fell off, and before my beautiful partner could grab it, it rolled into a city gutter(Melbourne).

    Now it may sound optimistic, but I'm nearly sure it's still there. We both looked there, but there is a lot of debris and stagnant water as the gutter's drain is blocked - it doesn't seem possible that it could've dropped into anywhere and I'm almost certain it's just sitting in that water. I tried to pay someone an extreme fee to retrieve it, but they never showed (Tradesmen and weekends!!) and unfortunately I haven't been able to find someone else.

    I understand the amazing people on this forum have a great track record, especially The Captain, and I'm wondering - is there hope? Somehow, even though most people would've given up (especially me, I have little to no perseverance!!) I think it's still there. I look every time I'm there, but the debris and water make it exceptionally difficult. Perhaps a street sweeper would've picked it up? Does anyone have ANY idea?

    The details are...

    It fell into a gutter opposite Flinder's Street Station (Melbourne City)

    It was silver, with J.B. engraved on it, and 01/03/2011 on the inside

    Any other details you'd like, let me know... I really would love to be reconnected with this special piece of jewelry. Attached is a picture (unfortunately best I could find) of it, if this helps you to connect better!

  • Have you tried asking the council to send help to check the gutter? Or posted flyers in the area asking if anyone found it?

  • Also are you really seeing this situation as a 'lost promise' or a 'sign' of some kind which might explain your need to get the ring back (and thus restore the promise)? Because you don't need a ring or any material object to seal a promise - just a trustworthy person.

  • Thanks Captain..

    I hadn't thought to ask the council, I did call the local police station though

    No, I don't see it as a lost promise, or really a sign... It was an honest mistake, as it was too big. The emotional connection I have is that it was the first thing my partner ever bought me - though I wonder, if because it was silver (And thus getting tattered because they don't last as long as gold) and it was time for the bad things (ie, old problems, bad feelings) to be taken away.

    But, as I had such an emotional connection I was really hoping to get it back. Do you have any feeling Captain as to whether it will be reunited wiht me?

  • Also, in your opinion is there a figure that I could contact that I may be more likely to be reunited with it?

  • What do you mean by 'a figure'?

  • A councilman, policeman, anyone who you feel may help me? I'm not sure... I have a very strong feeling it will be returned to me should I turn in the right direction

  • This issue concerns what you value the most. Spirit is asking you to give your energy to people and not possessions. It's only a hunk of metal after all - it's not your partner - he's still there so give him all your time, love and attention instead.

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