Aries men with cancer moon, very confusing!!

  • Hiya,

    So I'm wondering if anyone has had an experience with these type of men. For starters Ive heard that cancers are confused enough as it it but this guy seems bad. His sun is in aries and his moon in cancer therefore he gets all fired up then the water of cancer seems to put it out. Now I don't want to use his horoscope to excuse his behaviour but that is literally what he is like. He goes hot and cold.

    When we first met he was very intense and seemed to really like me. We talked about lots of personal stuff and he kept going on about me meeting his mum and how we would really get on (apparently mums are really important to cancers as well!). He spent loads of money calling from his holiday and said it was all worth it just to speak to me. Then he seemed to get a bit scared and went cold on me and I ended it because I didn't understand what was going on. that was last year.

    Now he has reappeared recently and he was all over me one night (not just physically, emotionally as well) then a bit rude to me a week later when I bumped into him in the pub.

    I genuinely think next time I see him out he will be all over me again. It's his pattern of hot and cold!

    Any advice from anyone who has experience with these type of men would be really helpful because I am now really confused and keep switching between being understanding of his feelings etc to thinking he is not treating me properly and if he really liked me wouldn't he just make the effort and be in contact with me???

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