Cancer and Scorpio: a good mix?

  • I have a possible new relationship on the horizon that I am really curious about. He is a Scorpio (11-9) and I am a Cancer (7-17). At the moment, we are only friends, but there is a good possibility that things will be moving into a more intimate direction. My ex is an Aquarius (2-10), and we ended up being a pretty bad match, from things we like and enjoy, to our sex life. Before I get in too deep with a new guy, I'd really like some reassurance that we are a good pairing in many if not all aspects. Any insight here? Thanks. 🙂

  • well, i can tell you it can be difficult at times. if a scorpio is unsure, they can be very hot and cold. it took a year of my scorpio and i trying to contact each other for things finally fall into place. if he seems unsure, he may just back out, completely. and check in every once in a while. but the unfortunate thing about scorpios is that they have stingers, and their poison/essence tends to linger with you for a long time after they're gone. sometimes it can make you go a bit crazy. but if you show him you can be trusted, that you're loyal and faithful, and intellectually, spiritually and quite possibly physically (sex) you're a good match, scorpio won't be so afraid. don't push too hard, but don't be boring either.

    my mom is a november scorpio as well, and i've noticed they can be a lot more stubborn-- my way or the highway sort of people.

    just be the beautiful loving cancer that you are, and he should see you exactly for that.

    oh, and you should almost always trust your intuition with scorpios.

  • if your scorpio is the laid back type and has the ability to not take himself so seriously (rare indeed)... and you are the type of cancer that is not so easily hurt (as cancers can be) and can detach a bit, I think it's a nice pairing. If you are type A female who is a cancer, it probably won

    't work

  • I'm a Nov. Scorpio I'm currently dating a Cancer I'm very laid back and I laugh at myself all the time, He's the serious one. but, we have a lot in common. When it came to the sensual stuff, I'm more advanced, even though he's done more weird stuff. One bad trait that we Scorps have is being tactless at times. It can really get us into trouble because people take it personal. Our tempers flare for a moment and then, we are fine and loving. Most of the time it takes a lot for us to get mad but when we do, WHEW! We are very protective of our families and can be very loyal and giving if we trust you and you don't try to know our secrets. Cancers and Scorps are moody and both go to the dark places from time to time. Just take your time, get to know each other. Like the inside jokes. make sure you keep your own personal interest too, friends, hobbies... But, I've always heard that Cancers and Scorpios are a good pair. Both water signs. This is only my second cancer, the first one was soo deeply in love with a previous woman, I didn't stand a chance and I didn't stay for more then 2 weeks!!

  • Thanks for the advice!

    Right now, I am not sure what to think! We were getting very close (talking every day, texting, spending time together, etc) and everything seemed great. Now, suddenly he has stopped talking to me except in passing, doesn't answer calls or texts, and almost seems to be going out of his way to ignore me! What the heck? I'm not sure how to proceed with him. I don't want to seem too pushy, but at the same time, I'd like to know what happened to make him act this way...of course, I do know that sometimes I am sensitive, and over react to things; but my instinct is to keep calling/texting and asking "what's wrong?" I've stopped myself from doing this so far, like I said, I don't want to seem pushy; but it gets harder every day to not do that! I really miss our friendship and closeness, though. 😞

  • Leave him alone and he will come back., If you can't stand it, text him you miss your friend. Don't ask him whats wrong because whatever it is, he will fix it in his time. Cancers get distracted by other things going on in their lives. They run hot and cold. Mine did that in the beginning and still does it. After the first 2 times of meeting each other, I felt he wasn't interested because he didn't respond to my text for 4 days so, I dated other guys. He did finally text. I was ready to just blow him off because he wasn't looking for a serious relationship and I was until he used the line, " you intrigue me". At the time I knew nothing about what he does for a living(works 15 hour days sometimes and 6 days a week) and what is going on with his parents 1700 miles away. He will take care of things in silence. I let him have his space and his privacy. I do other things, things I was doing before he came into my life. After hanging out with him every few days, for 2 months, and him coming to my "rescue" one night. I made a mistake and used the word love in a text that wasn't meant for him, it was about him but, I accidently sent it to him. I had to explain it ( that's what I get for gossiping!) he told me he wouldn't see me anymore. I told him he was probably right since I wanted a serious relationship and he didn't. I dated someone else but, I thought of him. What made it worse is the guy took me to a expensive restaurant 3 blocks from my Cancers house! I thought things were going well with the guy and then, for our second date, he stands me up! I had been texting Cancer every night to say good night, he would respond. and finally I asked him to admit to himself how he feels about me, to himself. He said he LOVED the THINGS we did and he missed THEM. he asked if he could come over. We were apart for 6 days and it felt like weeks. He has a lot of negative feelings about women like "All women are nosy" and some other things but, I didn't worry about all that because I know that isn't me. I have shown him that I'm not like that because I haven't asked a whole lot of questions. I tell him all sorts of things,I don't even second guess if he wants to hear it or not!! He knows that all I ask is that if he has to change any plans we have together, to let me know. he knows I wont agree to see a guy again for being disrespectful and wasting my time. He knows I am true to my word, if I say I'm going to do something, to the best of my ability, I will do it or, let him know I can't. I believe in honoring my word. At one point, I did demand that he look at me and what I have done so far and stop generalizing ME. and to judge me by what I do. It did change how he looked at me. he tells me more. he surprised me and told me about his fathers health and whats going on. We became a couple when I told him I didn't want to date anymore ( I used to tell him my dating stories, they made him laugh, he was with me once when a guy I used to date got ugly when I told him "NO" and made me cry) and I told him not to put any pressure on you but, I think I'm just going to deal with you" He text back " You want to be a couple?" I know, not romantic but, it worked. Now I see him every 4 days when he's here and he travels EVERY week to some place. He will flirt with me in text but, not everyday and not all the time. I send him text that I think he's s-e-x-y in his quiet way. He text me flattery will get me everywhere! Right now, he's 1700 miles away from me been gone for 6 days, will be back tomorrow, he gave me work to do in emails, he conferred the first day and I have sent emails containing the work and guess what? no response. I didn't expect one either. He's with his family. I will see him tomorrow, he flies in the morning and coming to get me on his way home. we will talk about his business, as well as other things!

    With mine, the more I tried to get away from him, the more he was around and the more I could see he had the qualities that I want in a man and that was tough because at the beginning, he didn't want a serious relationship. Now, we are a couple and he has me doing stuff for his business. He and I have known each other a little over 5 months.

  • Thanks for the advice! I've managed to keep myself from calling or texting, but its been hard! I'm just telling myself that if he is interested in any kind of relationship, whether its friendship or more, then he will contact me eventually. And if he doesn't?...then I guess its not meant to be. I do want to be there for him if he is having some kind of difficulties in his life, but I guess if he wanted that, then I would know about it. I've let him know he can depend on me if he needs something; hopefully he believes that. I don't know what else to do. 😞

  • Maybe not want you want hear but as a typical eagle this does say two things to me. Firstly, when dealing with things, I tend to shut out the rest of the word and definately do not want help unless I specifically ask for it. That means I often drop the ball with contact which often causes situations as you've described. Not the best was to handle things but can't help it. Another thing I do which I think is typically eagle is when things aren't exactly what I want, I can make them disappear in my mind. Unfortunately I have hurt others doing things this way but again can't help it - but a number of eagles I know do exactly the same. I hope it's something else but maybe this insight will help.

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