Procrastination - What are your tools to deal with it?

  • Fear of failure, fear of success, laziness and so on. There are numerous reasons for procrastination, but does knowing what is your reason help you in overcoming it? I don't know.

    Sometimes, procrastination becomes so crippling it spirals into intense feelings of low self-worth. Procrastination is not a stand-alone issue, it is merely a symptom of something deeper isn't it?

    We face procrastination in various degrees, all of us. How do you deal with it? What are your tools? I ask because I have been absolutely unable to control mine and it is proving to be severely debilitating.

    Any thoughts, insight and of course sharing is highly appreciated!


  • Saggigirl- good conversation topic!

    My habits of procrastination come from either not being ready, usually financially, or from being lazy... Plain and simple, as far as I'm aware. Like I fear the way "it" could consume my time? Sometimes it does get crippling... Even little things you put off!

    Most of the time, when I know I'm putting something off far beyond a reasonable put-off time, I take the first step to getting it back in motion. A couple weeks ago, I went to a car dealership and talked with a salesman about buying & finance options... Last week, I made an appointment to speak with an advisor at our University so that I might pick back up on classes I've avoided for 2 years... After the whole summer of saying I can't swim because my swim suit is only a top, I got a top... and this morning I made myself go swimming. And I had fun. It feels good to most of my avoided obligations out and actively moving...

    I can only say you should take the first step to doing what you haven't wanted to... Research it even, and you might feel a little pressure off. Make a list of what it will take and remember it'll feel like a HUGE emotional weight has lifted once you get it done!

    Do you have any Cancer in your chart?



  • I meant to say that I got the bottom to my 2 piece, btw! 😛

  • Lol AngelaVictoria, I was wondering about that, but figured 🙂

    Yeah, its mostly taking that first step and that takes a whole load off! But getting to that first step day in and out seems to be a huge effort and it's kinda disconcerting...just for the emotional relief I'd do anything! Lists always work with me so I shall take your advice to heart, yes!

    Great to know you got around to doing what you had been putting off, its a victory in itself to my mind, phew! 🙂

    Zodiac in degrees 0.00 Placidus Orb:0

    Sun Sagittarius 9.17 Ascendant Sagittarius 16.05

    Moon Taurus 17.43 II Capricorn 16.27

    Mercury Scorpio 20.13 III Aquarius 18.59

    Venus Capricorn 4.21 IV Pisces 22.33

    Mars Virgo 5.10 V Aries 23.53

    Jupiter Virgo 9.18 VI Taurus 21.23

    Saturn Virgo 25.52 VII Gemini 16.05

    Uranus Scorpio 22.24 VIII Cancer 16.27

    Neptune Sagittarius19.49 IX Leo 18.59

    Pluto Libra 20.58 Midheaven Virgo 22.33

    Lilith Virgo 16.10 XI Libra 23.53

    Asc node Virgo 3.07 XII Scorpio 21.23

  • Oops, no clue how that got posted! Was formatting it and pat, it goes! grrr! Cancer is there, guess it is called being in the eight house? Why did you ask Angela? (I have no idea about how different planets in your chart work, would be glad to know!)

  • So I'm basically a novice with astrology... Maybe a little more, but definitely not the same caliber as some readers here on this forum!

    The reason I ask about Cancer in your chart is because they are usually too afraid to try and then fail... I don't know if you're afraid of failure or if you just don't have the emotional detachment it takes to start things without much hesitation...

    But I see that you have a LOT of imortant planets in Virgo! Virgo is a very meticulous sign, but usually weighs out all options before making decisions... Virgo is quite intelligent and cares about which way is right. The decision making processes they use sometimes draw out the conclusion until they HAVE to get it done.

    Because you also have a few planets in Scorpio, you might have a deep, instinctive understanding of the core of the actions you need to take care of... That's a pretty heavy weight. Being able to see the real "why" to what's going on can make it seem like diving into task, especially an important one, is a big jump.

    Your moon in Taurus can let you feel like change is unwanted... You'd rather keep things one way then change them to something better even if it might make things easier later on... You'd rather avoid messy situations related to change, but the situations might get messier if you if you avoid the issues you need to resolve. Once you get to work, though, you're sure to do an excellent job.

    Sagittarians are truth seakers! You know what's right for you and what's not right for you... Use your Virgo to figure it out, your Scorpio to feel that strong instinct of what needs to be done, your Taurus moon to know what will feel best to settle with, and then your Sagittarius to get it started

    I hope that helped a bit! I know there are many other things that can be told from your chart... You should research some of it if you're interested! Also, The Captain is fantastic with readings! She could probably help you 🙂



  • That's wonderful information Angela, thank you many times! My knowledge of astrology begins and ends at sun signs so this is very helpful.

    You know I've been reading up a bit on my chart (before I posted this) and I do find understanding myself easier. Most of the problems I face come from contradictions inherent in my personality and I've always found it difficult to reconcile them. But when I read up about my moonsign I understood the loggerheads my Taurus and Jupiter are at! And immediately I saw why I am pulled in two different directions at the same time. To give you an example, I have an intense need for freedom but an equally strong one for stability and grounding. I want change but don't want it. Sigh, it gets difficult understanding myself but knowing my chart guess helps. Now with your reading it is only going to get better because so many things you say are put in a better perspective now. Many thanks Angela.

    And thanks for the suggestion that I ask Captain. She is a boon in my life and I trouble her enough as it is with my questions and dilemmas 🙂 I think I shall take your other suggestion about doing my research, guess that will bring me to a greater understanding.

    Thank you Angela. You have been a great help!

    Love and hugs

  • You're most welcome! I'm glad it helped you to understand yourself a bit more... I have some similar, but different dilemmas myself with regards to my heart and my mind. It's kind of nice to know that it's an understood part of your astrological makeup giving you these dilemmas because there's usually a way to work around them with that same knowledge.



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