Virgo man new to Aries woman-need some guidance please

  • Rocketmann, if you are truly into her or could be you should voice your concerns. Most people do not understand Aries, especially earth signs. Fire signs are impulsive but that is just the nature of the beast. This is why one should not be too quick to judge. As an Arian surrounded by Virgos, I have learned a great deal from their earthy calm side, which is necessary for my own growth.

    One thing I do know is that as an Aries, we are very loyal and honest which to me, should be first and foremost, a trait, anyone would want in a relationship. My personal relationships with Virgos are and have always been extremely loving and passionate. The problems usually arise due to the differences in the communication style. Usually, the rude lack of communication or sudden disappearance of the Virgo.

    If she is worth the effort, I would not give up so quickly. If you can be patient and she falls for you, continue to treat her special and she will make you very happy. Personally, I have never known an unfriendly, cold Aries. This I know to be true of both male and female aries. Are you sure she is an Aries?

  • I am an Aries woman and am nothing like your Aries. I am very affectionate. If you would have ran my errands for me, I would have given you a big hug and invited you to dinner to show my appreciation (I know Virgos love to be appreciated). I also have Arian friends and they are the same as me. Our big no-no with men is the lack of communication.

    I wish you luck...btw, you don't live in California do you??? LOL

  • Rocketman, I don't see why a 46 years old woman can't be shy in some areas of her life. People are different. Also I don't see anything wrong with asking her to hold your hand, or at least asking why she wouldn't. That's called communication.

    Another thing - you say you are not 100% attracted to her. Well, maybe she senses it and doesn't want to fall for you before she is sure that you are 100% attracted to her. Plus, I think, to base the relationship on the fact that she is blond is, forgive me, not a very brilliant idea.

    Also, you acuse her of being pushy, but you yourself come across as somewhat judgemental and arrogant (references about "stupid people" that you can't stand, for example), which, to be honest is not much better than getting in front of the line.

    Here's an example of my Virgo ex by friend's rude attitude - he yelled at me in front of my students on several ocasions for some small things that I didn't do exactly as he asked me to (probably thought that I was "stupid") . First time I was too shocked to react, second time I yelled straight back, in front of the same students.

    Anyway, to be honest I don't see how your relationship can work out. There seems to be a total lack of communication there. But good luck to you.

  • Rocketman122: What was the outcome of your situation????

  • Personality, if i ever had the unfortunate to meet a Virgo, i would avoid him at all costs.

    I dont put all people in tha same basket, and star signs are there but we nat all accurate to it, life and bigger things envied.

    Reading you your are arrogant, want everything your way and labelling like you do want blonde Hun all stupid.

    Aries are passionate by nature, honest and loyal, but if they feel for one minute your play them god help you.

    If she don't feel that relaxed with you she may feel the vibes of you, you seem to want to put her into a doll as perfect as you want.. well that don't exist sunshine

  • Today, have met friends who are as ou are, they are very happy and just get one another.. so its possibal. !!

  • Of course Aries are passonate by nature, honest & loyal only if they get what they want meaning they come first otherwise goodbye.

  • That doesn't apply only to Aries sign, Magickal. In fact, if you check "The heart of a Virgo man" thread, you'll see that lots of Aries women tend to give their time and affection endlessly, without receiving anything in return. If anything, they should learn to put themselves first.

  • VoplySoply

    I know about Virgos cause I'm married to one. They are emotionaly detached but it doesnot

    bother me. I'm not the type of person that constantly question why, why, why, why, why?????

    I have read the threads and what I'm saying here is through actual experiences I have seen with Aries women thru co-workers, family & friends. Mind you I worked in a company were there

    were 300 employees. A LOT OF WOMEN!!!

    If you are an Aries and you are not like what I said well thats good for you. Just be glad you are

    different and true to yourself. You must have some other good signs thats mix with you. Thats what counts.


  • Magickal,

    I don't constantly question why, why, why either - I've got passed that stage years ago, lol. Also I don't think there is such thing as "good" or "bad" signs. All the signs have their good and bad sides. For instance Virgos are known for being well organised, but also emotionally detached, which can certainly complicate the relationships. Blessings to you too.

  • VoplySoply

    You are right about the good & bad sides. I daily thank God for my blessings.

    I read the threads every now & then cause I wanted to see how the women & men nowadays are coping with relationships. I truly sympathize with them.

    I want to say though women have to change cause most men are not going to change.

    I changed and it did work for me. Of course its a different story if he physically & mentally abuses

    the woman.

    Many blessings to you & I have a feeling you are a good person.

  • Thanks Magickal.

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