Pisces Man, Cancer Woman troubles

  • My husband (3/17/59) is in a funk and really depressed and has totally withdrawn from me other than whatevers necessary for basic daily communication. Forget talking about it - he's so bottled up inside and won't share his feelings with me at all. I can't get him to go to a counselor or see a doctor about anti-depressants or anything of the like. He says he doesn't have "time" or doesn't need that. He considers asking anyone, even me, for any kind of help or input for any kind of emotional situation, makes him weak. He dislikes his job, feels everything in his life is a chore and "work". Things that used to give him pleasure now fail to make him even smile. He's unhappy with me. Thinks maybe divorce is the way to go.

    I don't know how much of it is the depression or work situation making him so miserable and he's using me (the safe choice) as his scapgoat for all his unhappiness or if the marriage is the basis of his unhappiness which has now spread into other areas of his life. I am trying to hang in there and give him time and see if my easy going, loving husband comes back. But it's been months now and I don't know if I have the energy to spend years waiting if my husband is not willing to do any work to make himself feel better. I'm also trying to find a better paying job, etc, in case this marriage ends, so I can take care of myself. But I always thought we'd grow old togather and while not in a perfect marriage by any means, I still think we are basically quite compatiable.

    Any advice, insight? My bd: 7/6/1964

  • I'm a cancer girl who is still madly in love with a pisces man (ex). The reason why it did not work is the fact that he bottles up, he does not share much of his feelings and that becomes destructive to himself and us. I know the chemistry between a cancer and pisces is unbelievable but then again it can turn very unhealthy because you are both capable of destroying eachother emotionally.

    Pisces man dont want to be pressured for them to open up, he will do it at his own time (only God knows when) when you push him he drifts further and further aways from you.

    My advice is, be as loving as you can to your partner but becarful not to loose yourself in the process, I almost did. All the best and pray for him, nothing is impossible with God.

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