Can anyone do spirit readings ?

  • I would love to know if anyone from the other side has any messages for me .

    Many thanks in advance love and light Loap:)

  • I'm low at he moment and you are my one big hug today. I feel your anger--though it is not an evil anger--it is a frustration and a deep explosion of pain! I am being shown Jesus--in the desert alone--so very alone--being enlightened enough to have knowledge---no ignorant bliss--just too much knowing to bear. He knows he is going to suffer--injustly--painfully---he is going to soon have all the hate and ignorance the human condition has to offer--cast on him--through him! It is a tempting place to be and scream why!!!! Because he is still human himself and life on earth comes with that--no escaping not even for the son of God. How unfair? Easter does come! There is resurection--healing and the SOUL condition--it remains untouched by earth's suffering other than the love it has gathered--LOVE is eternal--the spirits that are gathering around you this moment are all manifestations of love!!! Spirit says your question is two parts---the first question you ask is hidden--big WHY WHY WHY? I suspect more and look up your last post and it is true--Death has shadowed your house of faith. I have burried a child---I have dug through the why pile. My son was a bright light--every psychic who ever read me for years told me he was a highly evolved soul. His presence was healing. And he died. Gone in an instant. AND the two years before he died there was evil that had hurt him---because that is the way energy goes--push and counterpush and evil is real. It is not to make you lose faith but reanforce faith that you must never take for granted--do not dwell on evil but be active in your life to always--keep your energy an intention of LOVE. Love must win. This is the passion of Christ. I also burried a sister in my twenties---it was before my spiritual awakening. The message is that in the immediate pain of loss it is hard to SEE the big picture---how even through loss and pain there can be an EaSTER AROUND THE CORNER---A GIFT. FREE WILL. We all choose our lives before birth--we make contracts of healing intentions and soul progressions with other souls and we are often inspired to cultivate our purpose out of these losses and gifts. Anyone who passes is blessed to be with GOD the purest of love. They are free and the more love they gathered and felt the bigger light they are and the closer they are to the core of Heaven. Souls who pass and have little light often gather lessons in a state of service helping others or come back and often choose very painfull lives to gain soul light. Anger is part of grief. I recommend reading books for grif---reading others stories. When my son died Spirit made sure I was AWARE that I was one of legions and I was no way singled out and definetly not the only one who had lost a child. I prefer to stay in wonder--at the strength in the human spirit to prevail. When a soul passes over the leave the best of themselves their personality to manifest in the lives of those left behind--you must pay homage to that. To honoer that raises the soul light in them and heaven and God grows. When my son died--I wanted to die! Some days I still do---I am no longer afraid of death as I am always on the edge of that loss--even in joy--it is there. To get angry at God--throw away my faith--let myself die would not honor my son---I decided to honor his life and survive and let the whole story unfold. YOU are being asked to let the whole story unfold and believe that pain can bring Easters and joy and change lives in ways we are unable to see when in the thick of it. Spirits showing around you are from German background mostly--elders--three holding small children --two babies born perfect a third had physical problems. The name Bett or Betty comes forth---a man named EZ short for eziekial and there is a NED----a nickname Lettie. Sarina--or a sarah---I'm being shown a child--two woman holding her hand saying she is home with them. The child has a white dog---nickname bd--giggles--bad dog or bad boy--there is laughtfer-. Not all german on another side their is a woman Maureen--Irish--or scotish but feels Scotish--died not too old--in her forties. She has a young boy at her side. Hear the name Bennie or it may be a nickname that sounds close. A woman next her is Martha---she smiles and calls herself the spinster--no marriage--she is close to Maureen. A seperate group comes through big closenit bunch--the name Jackson or Johnson is what they are saying. There is a Kentucky reference from them---coal mining. A native american steps forward and claims to be your unrelated guid--has always been near you---calls himself Lone Star. He says look to him when it is darkest and he will help find your path. I can go on and on as it is endless the spirits around us. I am tired but send you a faithful hug--KEEP THE FAITH. Live that intention--that is you and except the distortions of grief as just a storm--and THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Let the story unfold and except miricles often come in silence and when least expected. Also a small child steps forward she is covered in butterflys---says they live in her heart and she sends them to sad people on quiet days of loneliness. BLESSINGS!

  • BLumoon, this is the most touching post I have ever read...your help to LOAP has helped me too...thank you...your post almost brought me to tears...especially the little girl sending out the butterflies that live in her heart...please thank that child from me...there are so many who need her butterflies...thank you for this Blumoon.

    LOAP, I am so glad for Blumoon's reading for you. I sincerely hope you are feeling better now.

    Love and hugs

  • I stumbled upon this thread but after reading it, I realize it also meant for me to read. It is hard to remember that Easter comes after great suffering/pain and today I needed you to remind me of that. I have long believed that butterflies and birds are connected to the spiritual world and love the image of the little girl sending out butterflies that live in her heart.

    thank you Blmoon

  • Dear Blmoon,

    Thankyou so much for responding im so sorry to hear you lost a child and a sister , i just cant comprehend it all being a mother and its not even my child ,i really admire this boys parents they turned something horrible in to something good to help others as they have (as soon as the child went missing started a foundation in his name ) they never gave up hope of finding him , i mean how do you live like that every day ? not knowing where you child is or what happend to them. Thankyou for all the spirit messages that came through, i will have to do some investigating but i do have an aunty Maureen who is alive from scottish descent and she to lost a child last year , and is not taking it to well at all and is also full of anger we are very concerned about her . Ive been tapping into energies Lately and i feel i tapped into this boys Mothers energy and i cant even being to descibe what i felt with the hurt and pain nothing compares to it and i hope and pray that i never experience anything like that again.

    Thankyou so Much Blmoon i know who that little girl is she is another child who was taken to soon that i was so devasted and upset about . Im so happy to here that she is ok .as she was ver y ill before sgehe passed .I will let you go now as i feel your energy is low as im typing this

    Many thanks once again it means alot ,

    Love, light and hugs LOap:)

    Love , light and Hugs LOap:)

  • Thank saggigirl ,

    I feel al little bit better today

    Love , light and hugs Loap:)

  • soory forgot to add this

  • Dear Blmoon

    Your post made me cry.I have a child too and cant fathom the depths of spiritual strength that keeps you going.But I do understand about the souls choices.

    Dear LOAP

    I agree with Blmoon that Love Must Win.Just feel it instinctively.That is a simple and powerful message to inspire all of us.

    To both of you much much Love nad Light

  • hugs to you allxxx

  • Thanks Suramya for your kind words

    Sheelagh its great to see you back .Hope you had a great time I missed you


    Love and hugs Magsx

  • LIVINGPrayer

    your family should be concerned about your aunt Maureen----she is attached to death and I picked her up as on the other side! It is part of grief that pull to stay attached to the love one as they were and to not move on and let the other soul be transformed and to adjust to a new change--from body to spirit. It is a very strong pull for a mother to want to cling to a dead child--to die and in a sense your aunt is in a living death state. Not good---I hope she is getting some kind of counseling or medication. Statistics show that a high persentige of mothers have a heart attack within 6 months of losing a child. The first year is the hardest and the first aniversary is very traumatizing. My first year I was sick with everything--had no stamina and needed rest. This was hard as I', by nature a real powerhouse. I found it very hard to socialize for two years at least. It is a shock to the body not just the mind. The first six months I even came down with shingles! As if my mental pain was not enough. I am blessed as aedium to know their is spirit contact so I am aware of my sons visits--still it is a big transition to move forward away from the grave. Honestly, at my age I knew I could just let it kill me---my physical health was so traumatized but I had to make a committment to live out whatever my purpose was and to make sense and purpose out of my son's gift to me--what I would learn and be changed to continue my destiny. It is normal for your aunt to be reclusive--I found people and social situations exhausting and was fearfull of losing it outside the safety of my home. There is often a post traumatic aftereffect of that day. I went into shoch--had to be taken by ambulance as my blood pressure rose to dangerouse level. I am a very strong person yet after that there is a total shattering. Just to see an emergency vehical pass on the road could cause a panic attack. I have medication for emergency use. I was not really able to get back to my strong self untill the third year. I believe if your aunt can feel the connection--trust her child's presence in it's new form she can move away from the grave. She needs to really believe to live on with strength is making her child proud and giving that child's life purpose as short as it was--meaning. BLESSINGS


    Dear saint Michael--please lend your mighty courage, your brave heart to this woman who is in her darkest hour. Hold her up and help her walk through this valley of pain and emptiness. Dear Mother Mary, cradle this woman Maureen in your gentle but strong arms and nurture her back to health---let her feel the safety of your love and give her faith. Wisper in her ear at night the words of comfort she so needs to understand this shattering blow. In her wisdom help her know joy and pain are two sides of the same coin. Let her know that on the otherside of this great loss comes liberation as she puts herself back together--with a new sense of knowing how presciouse every moment is---to know what is important and what is not--to no longer give energy to the shallow small stuff. Dear guarding Angel protect her in her frail state---untill her body heals help her make good healthy descisions--bring her help and encouragement from your earthly servants so she may feel the grace of God and feel it past her numbness--she is loved and never alone. Thank you--AMEN.

  • Hello,

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I think it depends on how you define the words. I tend to think of those who consider themselves religious as trying to live up to some standard of righteousness. Salvation in the Bible does not come from this though, but by receiving the gift of God - which is forgiveness of all sins, justification, and the gift of eternal life, which comes through the Spirit of God, and changes the very nature of the one receiving it, making them children of God.

    Many thanks a lot

    Simon Neil


  • This is a loving thread--open hearted and very personal. Yet someone chooses to hide behind a mask of cowardly amusement. I feel the ugliness of that energy--be aware intention has a boomerang effect-- and I have nothing to hide so please show yourself and say your truth directly--or perhaps it is too small to own. Perhaps chipping away at the truth of those braver is the illusion by which you think makes you taller? BLESSINGS!

  • I wonder though did he post on the wrong thread - the Where is God thread would have been more apt. But yes the energy is bad. I hope Mags you are not upset by it, sensitive as you are at the moment.

    Hugs Paddi

  • Upset? no. Protected? Very much! This energy has poked their way through several threads. I believe in ignoring mostly differences and what is free thought and a right but then there are bullies. It is just my intention to put out to the universe--I may be compassionate and big hearted but I am balanced and carry a sword. and I am not fooled. Their intention is to upset---it delights them----I pick up they mean to continue so I am urged to bring it to the light . May they slither off soon.

  • Dear Blmoon,

    Thankyou so much for your prayer , we have not been close to my Aunty and the family never informned us that our cousin was killed until 6 months later we found out through his sister when my Mum rang my Aunt she was in shock, as her whole attitude was quite beyond anger and she was swearing alot and thats not like her as she is very prim and proper .This has really ripped her to the core ,and not only that her husband is very sick as well its like the old saying when it rains it pours . Thankyou for sharing your experience my heart goes out to . I cant image how hard it would be to cope on a daily basis like i said i tapped into the other Mums energy of the missing boy and it was like i was surrounded by questions, and i felt as if i didnt want to get up and go out the door today,and the pain and hurt how terrible it was, it made all of my problems and worries pale in comparison. I will tell my Mum about this and i will contact my cousin Maureens daughter daughter to see if she is getting any help.

    Thanks once again it means alot .

    Love , Light and Hugs LOap:)

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