Piseanhealer Shaman Journey advice needed

  • Hi PH,

    Been a while but I feel guided to you by Spirit as I have entered some type of Shaman journey or Spirit quest likened to much of the days of the old. I went to see an Egyptian exhibit ov

    er a month ago. At the time I just felt guided, but now I am seeing it was to embark upon this journey or quest. At the exhibit, I was drawn to several pieces one of which was Anubis, another is Isis, Horus, and several others. I remember the staff in my dream was like the sun and the moon. I feel like a person who has entered the chamber of the kings tomb for death and rebirth. Parts have been falling away since then. I keep hearing the phrase you must be able to create light in the darkness where there is none. In my meditations, I am seeing frogs, serpents, and a phoenix. I am learning how to connect with the earth on a much different level now as if she and I are one yet still separate. I see her energy, feel her pains from the changes. I keep feeling that one of the things I volunteered for is almost here so the universe is opening up to help quicken the transformation...but am not sure what next they seek for me to release or transform. When I saw the energy of the plants, I thought of Great Spirit and of you. I am now hear dear brother in seek of guidance you may have for me.

    Light and love,


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