You can't tame a Leo, can you? :(

  • Hey there, (Sorry, English is not my native language)

    I'm not trying to generalize anything here but I've been reading a lot about astrology signs (LEO).. & some of them bother me.

    To make it short, I met a Leo man & he's 35. He works in wine industry.. therefore, he goes out a lot to entertain clients & he loves hanging out at clubs, listening to live bands & out with his guy friends. I'm a 24 y old Gemini & I do love to go out too. I won't mind going out with him at clubs like that but sometimes I crave for something more peaceful environments like staying at home or watching movies. But that didn't happen.

    He has lots of female friends & to be honest, I don't really care. What really bothers me now is.. he doesn't chase after me. At 1st, he was really into me, text/called me a lot but after a while, I am the one who is constantly going after him. For instance, he would just tell me "Hey, I'm at (wherever), wanna join?". Then, I'm like a crazy stalker & go wherever he's at. Sounds like, I'm desperate to see him more.

    Now, at this point.. he doesn't text anymore. I can't catch up with his lifestyles; to be adored by people, or to keep stroking his ego all the time. As a Gemini, I demand lots of attention & I have my own pride too. We both do not want to make any moves now. Here's the thing, I did tell him how I felt & whatnot, well he did apologize & ask to give him some more time to prove his love to me & that he is too used to the lifestyle of being a SINGLE. Is there such an excuse??

    & I am tired of waiting for his calls/text. What do I do with this Leo man?

  • oh gosh. i have dated few leo men before and they all got on my nerves or maybe i just met the wrong ones. ok from what i know about leo (the common traits i found so far) you will never find him alone. He will always be amongst a group of people and, more often than not, he will be the center of attention. and yes, that means he loves going out to socialize and partyyy. hwoever, they can be real sweethearts and that was when i let down my pride (hellooo i am a gemini too) and there were lots of romance involved. but when he's out, he can FORGET about you! They seem to be young at hearts too. but back to your problem, maybe you could initiate the moves first, maybe he's confused about how you feel or he feels about the relationship so they tend to distant away from you. they need lots of affections too, so when you're together how do you guys act?

    anyway, if he still doesn't response to your efforts then might as well just move on. its just not worth it, else you will be losing yourself in a pursuit of attention and eventually getting hurt.

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