Blmoon, nope not a question...just have something

  • Dearest Blmoon,

    hoping you'll get this before you recharge and life gets busy once again for you 🙂

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart (of course your guides are included) whatever you write to me or anyone else I take a message from your guides to carry it into my life.

    Please tell spirit thank you and a gigantic hug from sheila.

    wishing you, your family, lots of love,light,peace and laughter




    i pulled some cards for you and they said " TIME FOR REST", but you already know that he he

    Angel card for you:) also

    Archangel Uriel

    Brilliant Idea!

  • Thank you! your validation is right on--I am absolutely spent!!! In a really big project way yet felt like Spirit was urging me to just do it even though it was--is--a very big task. I put my all into it yesterday into the wee hours and got huge things done. SO today I'm a zombie! Wanting to keep going but I believe I will rest my body today but keep my "houseclearing ideas going". I wasn't sure my get er done fest was so wise but loved the "good idea card"! Specialy the magic of the unicorn--showing me great potential and magical guidence. And that lightening bolt--perfect! That's exactly the force I was using! All yesterday I felt very guided to do more than usuall as if there is a time frame ahead that will surprise me and I need to be ready for it. You are a great messanger---thank you! BLESSINGS

  • your first card was denied! maybe something hidden is waiting!

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