Astra angel help...friendship and feelings uh:o

  • So even though i always was attracted to boys and still i am. I'm kinda feeling weird about this friendship, I love her so much and i'm just confused do i feel more than just friendship.

    And also, i'm wondering how she feels about me.

    i'm virgo, she is libra. thank you 🙂

  • don't forget me 🙂

  • I get no feeling that you are anything but heterosexual. I assume that is your concern. Yes there are times that you will feel very close to your girl friends . That is normal and usual. They are easy to be friends with. They have the same interests, a similar way of thinking. You can feel a deep love and respect for them and you need that relationship in your life as well as the relationship with a man. Enjoy your time with your girl friends, Cherish them for the fun and support they offer you and you offer them.

    Someday the love of a man will be the most important love in your life. It is necessary and right as you move to a future of children and family.

  • okay maybe i am, but still i'm wondering about this friendship and I could use some insight 🙂

  • Hi Nency - Is this the thread you wanted me to check out? Hope so, cuz I did a reading on it 🙂

    What I am getting is that you have a history of feeling sort of like the odd man out - like nobody really "gets" you or understands you and this has led to a feeling of loneliness and isolation that led to depression. This girlfriend - I am not getting that you are switching teams as they say - just that there is a type of kindred spirit type of connection here. The first time you have really felt like you have connected with someone - being understood rather than feeling like you are on the outside looking in. What this is really pointing to in my reading is your relationship with your mother. Not sure what your relationship was like with your mother, but there are strong issues here that need to be brought out and dealt with. If it's not about your mother per se, then it is definitely about the sense of being loved and cared for.

    I feel like this girlfriend feels the kindred spirit connection with you too, but there is also a caution flag that has gone up - like you might be coming on too strong or appearing too needy at times.

    Hope this helps...



  • thank you so much 🙂 Jeah i have been feeling lonely and depressed last few months or more and i feel like she is only that understands me and cares for me.

    Yes I kinda have complicated realtionship with my mother :/.

    That's possbile too, but you don't think she is having feelings for me right?, i don't wanna confuse her with my neediness. 😮

  • It didn't come through as anything more than friendship. I think you might both have the same mother wound....

  • hm, maybe we do :/, and thank you 🙂

  • Hi nency

    I saw the night of cups and this is focus strong on something related to love. You have already received some great counsel, i am just tossing in what i see... Whatever it is there is definitely a strong love quest or mission lurking around here.


    Two of Cups... hmm...

    i think that probably answered your question... something for sure going on here, however you will need to determine for yourself what that means. It looks nice to me though! 🙂

  • oh so there might be a chance, seems nice, hey thank you so much 🙂

  • could you please take a look again :), more detailed ,because i really don't know how she feels. i know she loves me, but i think it is just in a friendship way. and i don't wanna risk to loose her as friend, like makes things awkward.

    so if it's not problem, i would be really thankful:)

  • Hey sure thing Nency... let's see what is going on with you two! 🙂

    I put together a little custom spread, six cards to address the key areas of the relationship... also working with the Fairy Tarot deck right now, there is an amazing amount of energy with this deck at the moment. I have the feeling that any readings I give with this deck today are going to work MIRACLES in people's lives... okay, ready? Let's GO!

    1. Present atmosphere of the relationship - THE WORLD - very nice!!!!! OMG my little Fairy book says "The World, represented by a small fairy in an orchid flower, is the most favorable card of the Tarot."

    That is so beautiful this tells me that your relationship is rock solid and very well grounded - a perfect foundation upon which to build something even more beautiful upon. Very sweet.

    2. What you are feeling toward her - Temperance - "This young attentive, attractive fairy calmly decants water, the element of purification and inspiration. Water, a vital fluid providing fertile energy, follows its course, like the flow of life. " You are really feeling deep feelings for her, you really love her. And yet you are remaining very temperate, watching your steps carefully which is appropriate far. You do have a very tender love for her and it wants to find a fuller expression with her.

    3. What she is feeling for you - The Tower - My fairy book says "this agaric mushroom is also called prince of the forest due to the splendor of its colors.." and "crisis in a relationship, or falling in love". My sense is that she is feeling the tumultuous seething feelings too, and is probably having some trouble sorting it out. The Tower is like a lot of pent up energy WANTING to be released, like the male s e xual principle. So I am guessing that she is sitting on some deep feelings for you that she is treading carefully the same as you.

    4. How best to proceed - The Page of Wands - "This imp looks toward the horizon as he passionately plays his long horn. His melody brings an important message... inviting us to take the road... communication, letters, new ideas, creativity... " My first thought is you really need to sit down and WRITE her a beautiful letter and pour your heart out. Tell her the honest truth of how you feel and explain exactly as you did in this post that you cherish her as a friend more than anything. I would say something like, "Diane, ion closing, I want you to know that I value you so much as a friend and that is first and foremost to me. Let this letter be an expression of my heart to you and please take your time considering what I gave shared. Should this make you uncomfortable in any way, then you can burn it, and that will be the end of it. No need to whisper a word to me about. Or... should you feel something too, then we can explore that when you feel it is right." You see? You are showing her respect while at the same time being HONEST about how you feel.

    And I am getting a strong word that she senses this in you and she would LOVE to read something very intimate and personal from you right now. It would be so beautiful. Do you like to draw? Maybe you could create something sweet like a drawing of a butterfly and place that in with the letter as like a little token of love for her. I have done something like that before, and it says love in a really nice way. Just a thought. This page is very innocent and yet very honest about her feelings. You really should write her today. Follow your heart, heaven will give you the right words to say and they will be perfect. Don't worry, you can't say the wrong thing when your heart is in love. I ate out last night at a local Chinese restaurant here "Lai Lai Gardens" and I drew this fortune and I believe it is for you... "Not even a schoolteacher noticed bad grammar in a compliment." You can't go wrong.

    5. Her secret longing - and a tip! - The Seven of Swords "... hope after a long struggle... the white clouds banking over the horizon announce brighter prospects. ... perseverance, hope, new plans..." SHe is really longing for something new between you and her. She seems a little burdened by something in her life, and would love to be able to open her world and her heart to you fully.

    A tip! When you write this letter. go to a nice stationery store or art store that carries the whitest all cotton paper they have... something about WHITE would be really nice... it says innocence and purity. And that is something the both of you should know that your hearts are very pure in this matter, you are doing the right thing and it is very lovely.

  • 6. The ultimate outcome (sri I must have accidentally hit the post button! Or a fairy did 🙂

    The Nine of Pentacles - "This YOUNG FAIRY takes in her enchanting and luxurious natural surroundings. She embodies satisfaction.... her earthly triumph is deserved.... Achievement and prosperity. success... pleasure and sensuality." This says a very positive outcome to me. I see you two very comfortable in a new environment somehow, it is lush and very very nice. Lots of plants! 🙂 ANd lots of love 😉 ...

    I see something really wonderful here nency, something very sweet and pure between the two of you. I really encourage you to write your heart out in a very beautiful letter and I would sit down with her soon (you will know when the setting is right) and give that to her and simply say, this is something i have wanted to share with you Diane, and I hope you can here my heart in this. I gave it a lot of thought and want you to know that more than anything I cherish our friendship as most important." SHe will love that, and I believe that will be the then open the floodgates of love between the two of you. I see wonderful things ahead.

    Nency, you weigh this out in your own heart and follow YOUR spirit in this matter, I know I would chase love right over the cliff were I in your shoes... as long as you are honest and tender in life you can know that heaven is in your midst working things out. This will be now be a very intimate time for the two of you. 🙂

    My blessings upon your relationship, I know the Universe is smiling down over the two of you.

    Love and peace.

  • thank you so much. you are the nicest 🙂 I must do something, letter sounds good, i'm better at writing then speaking heh. And today i'm going to draw something for her, like smth for her room. Now you gaved me idea, butterfly: D

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