Gemini guy - Advice needed please ?!

  • We've been seeing each other for some time now and I'm pretty sure he likes me as well as I like him.

    He sometimes speaks about how we're going to cuddle in the cold winter nights, how I have to learn to cook, so I could make him different meals... etc, etc.

    When he speaks like that, I can see that he is interested in a relationship and somehow sees me in his future.

    Me on the other side ... Well, I'm a little bit confused and lot damaged by my past relationships so I prefer not to put myslef out there and to be a little bit more reserved and to wait. Still, I could see that when I decide to back off, he backs off too...

    I really like him and I don't want to lose him, but then again I don't want to make myself too open.

    We've been seeing each other (not in a relationship) for a month now; we've already been intimate and still there's some pressure, because I guess we both don't know what we want ... and everybody is waiting for the other to admit his/her intentions first.

    How could I show him that I'm interested in being with him, without making myself looking weak or vulnerable?

    And is this a good idea at all... to show first my emotions and expectations?

  • First you need to find out if you both want the same things in a life partner. From what he says, it sounds like he wants a cook and sexual partner more than an equal.

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