Starting over with a Pisces man

  • Hi everyone

    Here's hoping someone will be able to give me some insight on how to construct a great text to my Pisces man.

    It's been 8 weeks since we last saw each other at work, he left under bad circumstances and our last day at work was teary and very heated, I didn't go to his farewell drinks because of our last day together. He was in so much pain on our last day and took it out on everyone, especially me. When I got home on that Friday night I found a text by him simply saying "I'm not interested, do not contact me, goodbye" and I haven't since then.

    I did though 3 weeks after his departure from work send him a card, apologising alot and wishing him well in his future, didn't get a response.

    Since then little things have occured with him to me, he opened up his facebook wall, so I can read his posts, he stated a page on Facebook called Just for You, and makes references to his "shorty" and all these other pictures of love and faith etc. He's latest wall post which I could read was that he missed everyone from work especially the "Sunshine" (his nickname for me).

    Now how do I play this situation, I gave him exactly what he wanted, no more communication, except the card which he didn't respond to, does he want me to contact him or is he just messing around and playing games?

    His birthday is the 22nd Feb 1974 and I'm the 26th Sept 1973....I'm at a loss, I desparately want to send him a text, but fear the whole rejection thing again.

    He bruised my heart the first time around, I'm trying to avoid it breaking completely.

    Any ideas anyone?

  • LM, this is actually easier for a working relationship than a love relationship. Your matchup is very hard-driving and uncompromising, volatile and brusque, full of your dynamism and your partner's ambition. You both tend towards the idealistic, proceeding from a strongly moral or ethical standpoint and feeling justified in what you do. Although this relationship's focus may well be on worldly adventures and challenges, its greatest need is for introspection and self-understanding. In a love affair, friendship or marriage, it is essential for the two of you to spend time getting to know each other well. If other activities have to be postponed or meetings cancelled for this to be accomplished, so be it. Your partner may lead the way in this endeavour, although he is often loath to open up areas in himself that he has successfully sealed off. The trick here is for both of you to begin not with self-analysis but with discussions of the relationship itself. They can be the prelude to a highly exciting adventure of a different kind. The realization that self-discovery is a worthy challenge will lead you two to explore this new territory more fully. Seek deeper emotional and spiritual values.

    Your partner needs to probe more deeply into his issues about putting himself emotionally into the hands of people who will periodically drop him off with someone else or drop him on his head entirely. He must deal with his fear of being professionally undermined and onto a higher expression of his nature that will help him feel safer and guard the great professional standing he wants to achieve.

    You LM need to deal with your issue about confusing business with personal relationships. You also have a fear of being rejected in your career and having to turn to family for help. You really want to find a place where you can feel safe, secure, protected and adored, somewhere you are truly accepted. If you deal with these fears and issues, it will help you sort out where you need to persevere and when to stop clinging on, and how to find real emotional security within your own self. You CAN make your own mark in the world.

  • I have dated a pisces man before and I can tell you one thing, those people can be very hertless. How could he tell you that he is not interested and that you need to stop contacting him? Well that is not new to me because I have heared it before from my Pisces ex. One minute he is the best guy in the worl and the next he is your worst enemy. They dont know how to control their anger and they are too emotional and bottle up a lot. my relationship with my ex was too emotionallu draining and it was hard for me to let go but i finally did.

  • Thanks to you both, I think we are a definate no go. He called work, I answered the phone and he couldn't talk fast enough to get through to the accounts department.

    this has now burn't time for bigger and brighter people.

    Thanks for your repsonses ladies, very much appreciated.

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